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Detox Slim Trim Red Blend

Red Rooibos

 Benefits of Red Rooibos

  •  Rich in antioxidants
  •  Promotes Heart health
  •  Manages Diabetes
  •  Promotes Weight Loss
  •  Improves Appearance of Skin
  •  Alleviates Pain
  •  Helps Build Strong Bones
  •  Streamlines Digestion

Goji Berry

 Benefits of Goji Berry

  •  Boosted Immune System and Flu Protection
  •  Potential Weight Loss Aid
  •  Antioxidants for Eyes and Skin
  •  Maintain Blood Sugar
  •  Increased Testosterone
  •  Promotes Healthy Skin
  •  Improves Depression, Anxiety, and Sleep
  •  Prevents Liver Damage


 Benefits of Cranberry

  •  Prevents Urinary Tract Infection
  •  Improves Cardiovascular Health
  •  Prevents Tooth Decay
  •  Fights Viral Infections
  •  Controls Obesity
  •  Makes Your Immune System Stronger
  •  Prevents Kidney Stones
  •  Acts as an Anti-Ageing Agent


 Benefits of Lavendar

  • Reduces Symptoms of Premenstrual Tension
  •  Increases Sleep Quality
  •  Reduces Anxiety
  •  Assists in Wound Healing
  •  Reduces Pain
  •  Migraine Headache Relief
  •  Reduces Menstrual Pain
  •  Reduces Blood Pressure


Fennel Seed

 Benefits of Fennel Seed

  •  Helps Regulate Blood Pressure
  •  Reduce Water Retention
  •  Improves Constipation, Indigestion, IBS & Bloating
  •  Reduce Asthma Symptoms
  •  Helps Purify Blood
  •  Improves Eyesight
  •  Great for Acne
  •  Keeps Cancer Away


 Benefits of Ginger

  •  Relieve nausea
  •  Improve stomach performance
  •  Reduce inflammation
  •  Fight respiratory problems
  •  Improve blood circulation
  •  Relieve menstrual discomfort
  •  Strengthen immunity
  •  Relieve stress


 Benefits of Spearmint

  •  Good for Digestive Upsets
  •  High in Antioxidants
  •  Aids Women With Hormone Imbalances
  •  Improves Memory
  •  Fights Bacterial Infections
  •  Lowers Blood Sugar
  •  Helps Reduce Stress

Citrus Zest

 Benefits of Citrus Zest

  •  Improves Bone Health
  •  Treats Oxidative Stress
  •  Eradicates Toxins
  •  Fights Cancer
  •  Reduces Cholesterol
  •  Prevents Heart Related Conditions
  •  Promotes Weight Loss
  •  Fight Skin Related Conditions

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