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I would continually hear someone else's voice in my brain. I tried to get assistance from a number of sources, including a therapist and a mental facility, but nothing I tried worked. I was going through a really trying time in my life.

I had to discontinue my education since I was unable to focus.  Even getting a good night's sleep was a significant accomplishment. The voice didn't stop. I felt some sensations constantly everywhere around me. There was no doubt that life was not heading in the right direction.

Then a family member who had received assistance in a similar scenario recommended that I contact Dr. Divya Madan. I started feeling better throughout my appointments with Dr. Divya Madan, and the voices got progressively less. She possesses skills that enable her to identify the issue's cause and offer a solution.


The sessions have helped me with numerous clearings and significant life transitions.

The way Dr. Divya Madan moves energy and releases our obstructions is simply wonderful.

I will suggest it to everyone and anybody who feels trapped in their lives, wants to develop on a multi-level, and wants to release themselves from recurring cycles. It genuinely alters one's life.


I started doing regular sessions with Dr.Divya Madan in Aug 2018.  Since then, I have seen so many positive changes in myself and my outlook in life.

Dr. Divya Madan is always coming out with innovative ways to heal and help people in their journey. Every session that I have attended has been unique and refreshing. In the past year and a half, she has been conducting various workshops and meditations. I was fortunate to attend the Reiki healingDNA activation and recently the Pranic healing. These are wonderful techniques that I am using in my daily life. May she continue in her quest to help people.


For a psychic healer it is easy to contact and instruct the individual’s subconscious mind to commence and complete the healing for successful results, yet successful psychic healing development requires faith and confidence of the healee as well. So far, psychic healing was successfully applied to resolve issues related to almost everything, to mention a few of the matters that were proficiently worked upon to explore and blend the entire human psyche, including one’s spiritual dimension as psychic wholeness and healing. My work contains several detailed clinical case descriptions that illuminate the therapeutic psychic healing principles. Anyone going through challenges, losses, suppressed and repressed emotional bruises, subconscious mental patterns, familial constraints, karmic blockages, societal conditioning, ancestral trauma and sufferings, unhealthy and stressful situations can seek help and get benefitted from metaphysical psychic healing. Psychic healing consists of following strides customized per individual’s needs and goals.
• Financial issues.
• Improve mental, emotional, and physical health.
• Maximize work performance.
• Enhance personal and professional relationships.
• Dissolve depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, loss, stress, panic attacks.
• Personality Adaptations and Disorders, Phobia.
• Transform behavioral issues.
• Adjust and adapt to life transitions.
• Anger Management
• Attention Deficit
• Obsessions and Compulsions
• Divorce/ Separation/ Broken Heart
• Reconcile Existential issues
• Learn Relaxation and calm
• Meditation, Mindfulness, Yogic and Tantric Techniques
• Spiritual Growth
• Counseling
• Insomnia and mood swing
• Preventative Cure
• Chronic illness
• Immunity
• Skin disorders
• Weight loss help
• Renal, arthritis, gout
• Speech and hearing issues etc.
• Unproductive mindset
• Unbettering situations one stuck in.
• To figure out next big steps
• Personal development
• Realize life-long goals.
• Improve communication.
• Bad unprofessional habits
• Social skills
• Procrastination,
• Reaching potential,
• Afraid to make or take goals.
• Navigate career choices and challenges,
• Afraid to take risk,
• Self-esteem concerns
• Mood dysfunction, etc.

We can recuperate from varied physical, psychological ailments or any other issues pertaining to relational, rational, intellectual, financial, or spiritual matters through specialized observance of psychic healing, and years of suffering dissolve for good. Psychic healing modalities remain relevant to mind, body, and soul, as a wholesome balancing approach by combining ancient wisdom and art of healing with research-based soft science of transcendental meditations and energy therapy. Inclusively, all of these bring change at a subtle level to boot out the lower negative vibrational energies while raising an individual to higher frequencies.

Dr. Divya Madan's meditation sessions are really very powerful. I have great experiences, that not only make you feel light but instill happiness which really cannot be described in words.

Thank You for your valuable guidance and blessings.


Thank you for guiding us through the meditation. It grounded me so well after so many days I could feel calm with the storm in my head before I started today. It felt so heavenly to feel connected with my soul.

Heart meditation is really beautiful and calming. My meditation was very beautiful and I also saw you in my meditation today.

Thank you for the guiding lights Dr. Divya Madan.


It is really a great feeling to start the day with meditation and valuable ideas that adds calmness strength positivity and the best a consciousness to study a situation that is whether it is good or bad.

I really got the ability to ignore reactions to unwanted situations.

Thank you Dr Divya Madan for showing us the right path that is going to make our life more peaceful relaxing and hence fruitful.


A very interesting and exciting introduction to the world of energies and how they can be used to improve all aspects of our lives.

Dr. Divya Madan has a unique way of gently guiding and walking through this journey with small steps but each step opens a new understanding of oneself and our relationship with everything in the world around us.

So glad to have found such a great teacher, friend, and mentor in Dr. Divya Madan. She shows the path, we have to walk - practice, and master the teachings - Thank you
Dear All,

Distant cosmic healing came into my life for the first time, when my sister Revathi Devi had to be hospitalized due to critical Covid condition. It was 4th of May my mother had just passed away due to Covid and now she was having a very low oxygen, blood pressure and blood sugar levels and had to be taken to ICU and put on ventilator.

We were losing hope and at time one of my friend suggested that I should talk to Dr. Divya Madan and when I had a conversation with her she immediately understood the issue & started the Distant Cosmic Healing process.

Within 2 days itself, we got the result that my sister's blood pressure and blood sugar levels gotten to normal range and tremendous improvement in the oxygen levels was also observed. By 14th May 21 my sister was completely healed and what is charged until date which is after two month she still doing great.


Dr. Divya Madan, is blessed with many gifts. One of them is she can channel energies, where you can connect with your loved ones who are not alive. I requested her for a one-on-one session, where she could channel and help me connect to my mother. So that I could get the message and blessing that my mother wanted to convey through her.

Thank you very much Dr. Divya Madan, for all your help and support in healing my sister and connect me to my mother.


In one of the Vedanta event sessions, we did 9 steps of Being into a constant state of happiness. I feel we often get disconnected due to outside noise and feel stuck.

Dr. Divya Madan shared such profound tools to bring ourselves into a state of awareness and detach ourselves from ‘that’ noise.

Thank you for your wisdom and for showing us the steps & the tools. I felt connected to myself, it also got me into a state of awareness as I learned how to detach myself from situations. Vedanta Event’s session got me a lot of answers. How being in awareness can in itself bring in a state of stillness - to be in alignment - to be in oneness.
I was able to catch my thoughts and my first step towards being in the state of happiness.


DNA portal opening and all the other group meditations have given me clarity, wisdom, and ability to handle my chronic health issues and financial hardship.

I was consuming 3 Blood Pressure tablets daily. It has come down to zero.

Many things opened up in my life, including getting a new job and consulting assignments, which have made me financially independent.

Emotionally also I feel very stabilized.

Dr. Divya Madan, you are a true guru, who just not heal by her divine healing gifts and wisdom but also empowers us.

Dr. Divya Madan is a true guru. Most of the people out there teach things but they do not empower. She is empowering us. Lots of gratitude from the deepest of my heart.


I did Ascension Prayer for Whalchand Nagar industries with Dr. Divya Madan. It was almost like millions of energies had remained stuck which are now released.

Thank you to all the Devine energies to take them into the divine light.

I forget everything at the time of the meditation. The flow of energy makes me speechless every time during her meditation session.  

Thank You Dr. Divya Madan

After Dr. Divya Madan's session, I felt so calm and light.  

I was doing meditation outside and listening to her beautiful voice and surprisingly lots of birds came around.

It was really amazing.

Thank you so much Divya di, your sessions are wonderful, all the doubts are being clarified and new areas are unfolding ….you are so motivational and it became a habit with me ….it has calming effect and a stress buster ….such a great awareness program ..noble cause ….I am loving it
I have connected with Dr. Divya Madan through my sister, amidst lots of confusion in career and relationship stress. Its been a soulful journey with her by getting healing and helping us to get the right direction & soul purpose in life. Leading a stress-free and convinced life.

Recently, I was diagnosed with Covid +ve, but I was completely protected by her healing and regular group mediation. Easily and got speedy recovery.

Thank you so much Dr. Divya Madan for helping us and raising us.


The session got me back to my childhood when I was forced by my mother to learn classical music and perform. I had left singing a long long time back thinking I don't have it in me.

Focusing on the chakras with musical notations healed and centered me. In one hour, one travels to multiple dimensions in time which seems like a lifetime but in reality, when one opens one's eyes, it is only an hour.

I strongly recommend 42 days of Immersion to Emergence program to everyone. If this clicks & resonates with your being you will feel abundance, fulfillment, compassion, and love for one self and the divine.
Thank you

Transformation is a journey and these powerful meditations with the collective souls under the guidance of Dr. Divya Madan have helped release old Paradigms, create mental shifts and clarity. If you want to change your life - you have to do something now and these are opportunities sent to us as gifts to grow and heal

The Book - Demystifying Love Testimonials

In such unprecedented times, we need an unprecedented book. In all honesty and with all my heart, this book has left me in silence. I feel numb and pensive. I know it's the calm before the storm. Getting ready to release all that pain I've felt seeking love and self-love.

I tried skimming the book to get an overview but I found myself mesmerized by every word. Every single marking in this book has left a deep imprint in my soul. I want to forgive myself for my ignorance all these years.

For the pain, I've caused myself and have allowed festering. Forgive my loved ones for the misunderstandings. Forgive the love of my life for the trajectory of our love saga over several lifetimes. I am blessed for this opportunity to get love right, finally, after reading this book. Feeling that my heart is going to be ok as long as I live to love unconditionally. Thank you, Dr. Divya Madan!


It is a book written with love and wellbeing of everyone in mind. It explains the various emotions and their impact on our wellbeing. Emotions not expressed properly result in various physical diseases.

Written as a self help book with real life examples of healing done by Dr. Divya Madan with her supernatural abilities to see through the issue above this realm of our existence. It is relatable and makes us delve deeper into our own issues and their causes. It also has a workbook in the end which prompts us to take action and get deep in our relationship with self.


This book has touched me deeply. So much wisdom and so many spiritual lessons.

Dr. Divya Madan  has explained concepts so well and in simple terms, yet the deeper meanings are so complex. It’s a great read for those on a lifelong path to self love and true happiness. Dr. Divya Madan teaches that it all lies within us.

And I loved the workbook at the end. Helps put everything into actual practice. This is a quick and easy read. I would recommend it to everyone!


Seems like a torchbearer on the hilltop having a wider view all around is emitting a navigational light and hope to someone lost in an overwhelming emotional ocean, guiding and reminding to swim and sail through love.
Stories are quite relatable, and storytelling is so intriguing, no wonder we’ve endured almost all emotions in real life, I subtly slipped into each character and overcame too well healed. Workbook’s how to heal segments are simplistic yet quite effective techniques and work fairly well.
The author(Dr. Divya Madan) shared greater wisdom, a must-good read.
This books covers the lessons of emotional awareness with real life anecdotes.
For those eager to take their own growth by the horns, Dr. Divya Madan has provided a workbook at the end to help readers identify their patterns to create the shift for empowered living.
Love the book
Acknowledging and transforming our suffering is essential for our growth.
This book helps us to understand and balance different emotions that we experience in our daily lives. The lessons of emotional awareness has been explained with simple but real life examples.

It is a wonderful book by Dr. Divya Madan, highly recommended for all those struggling to deal with negative life events and are on the path of self love and true happiness !!

- Sakshi

New Moon Pot of Gold Testimonials

Peaceful and calm.

I’m having a hard time articulating where I actually went but definitely feeling positive and blissful. She unfolded many answers to the questions that I was unable to find.

Thank you so much Dr. Divya Madan


New Moon Meditation was really amazing. I felt some kind of energies passed from all the chakras and make me calm.

Every meditation with Dr. Divya Madan has their own significance. I am blessed that I am with her all the time.

Her spiritual guidance and grace is recommendable to everyone. Thank you Dr. Divya Madan for the new journey of life.


Travelling to Different Dimension was amazing. Dr. Divya Madan had lifted me up when I needed it most. She is really everything one could hope to find in an extraordinary mentor.

I am eternally grateful to her for her endless support and guidance. Every day there's new learning. 

Thank you so much for teaching healing techniques. Her daily meditation help me in my search for myself, and to achieve a great peace in my life.


Thank you Dr. Divya Madan for giving us so much knowledge, with the help of these meditations I have changed a lot and many things are getting better which were not there earlier.

Every day is a new chapter and a new lesson for us, which we can achieve a lot by adopting in our life. Thank you so much Dr. Divya Madan once again for filling the light of happiness in our life and hope we will get to learn many more.


I had my 1st guided meditation session with her and it was such a beautiful experience.

My words will be short to write what I felt. I am feeling more energetic, more happy, more faith and feeling eternal love from almighty.

I am FORTUNATE enough to experience this BLISS, Thank You Dr. Divya Madan


Merkaba Testimonials

I enjoyed the Merkaba meditations. Especially the awareness that it brings of the geometric patterns that lay within and all around our physical body.

Thank You Dr. Divya Madan for sharing this knowledge with us and for making it possible for all of us to connect in this special way.”

New Moon Pot of Gold Testimonials

The meditation was a relaxing, peaceful and powerful.

We turned up our inner fire and cleared all things that required forgiveness.

Thank you Dr. Divya Madan for guiding us all.


"Great Knowledge shared on full moon meditation.

I am feeling light after having Full-moon Pot of Gold Mediation. I also learnt many new things today.

Thank You So Much Dr. Divya Madan, very helpful session"


Nav Ratri- Nav Chandi Sadhna Testimonials

There are strong vibrations of all the Devis' divine energies throughout the body.

As soon as you began repeating the mantra, the Crown Chakra began to rapidly spin in a clockwise direction like a rollercoaster.
The Heart Chakra and the Crown Chakra both continue to vibrate.
I feel grateful, and I want to thank Dr. Divya Madan for the beautiful Nava Ratri Nav Chandi Sadhna meditation.


Ancestral HealingTestimonials

Given that all of our pain has a common source and was felt by our ancestors, ancestral healing is a potent therapy. For instance, financial issues, heartbreak, and rejection. Our mental and physical health are directly impacted by these obstacles.

We can be set free and receive the blessings of our ancestors for releasing them as well in this process by releasing the same, which is undoubtedly a powerful practise on the path to enlightenment.

Dr. Divya Madan, through her Ancestral Healing sessions are guiding us to deal with the typical problems of the human conditions and sufferings.


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