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Pranic Healing Program

What is Pranic Healing Program?

Prana (Cosmic Life Force Energy) is essential to support all lifeforms (plants, animals, humans etc) and their functions, the air that we breathe, food that we eat, water that we drink are all its explicit and implicit sources. Pranic healing is the practice that spiritually, psychically, righteously, and piously guides and intends Universally present Cosmic Life Force Energy to heal one’s body, mind, and soul, and/or that of others too. Through Pranic healing we can transcend our apparent limitations and become free flowing with the Spirit. All-inclusive and integrative overall healing at the four levels viz. spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical can be achieved by Pranic healing in order to find, maintain and sustain balance, wholeness, and fulfillment. We as the human body are not merely a biological-biochemical factory but as a whole entity in time and space that is affected by our consciousness and the experiences of life, now and through many incarnations. Therefore, utilizing holistic concepts of Pranic healing that also use our mind’s creatively to bring health to our bodies is a multilayered process of healing. Most ailments or difficulties often have their commencement in our former lives, and since the predispositions of the same are in our subconscious mind, that is the storehouses of all reminiscences of our previous lives, therefore, the Pranic healing targets to realize and release those underlying roots.

Pranic Healing Program Component

The fundamental component of Pranic healing comprises the Cosmic Life Force Energy (Prana) that is Universally present all over, across entire Space. The same is fundamentally vital for our creation, existence, sustenance, and expansion of our consciousness. Prana is the Sanskrit term for Cosmic Life Force Energy, and it is best received by being at our natural state of mind that is peace. The deficit of this Pranic Energy in any cell, tissue, organ, or body causes dissonance, dysfunction, or disease, in case there are physical, emotional, or mental obstructive toxins or debris in its pathways. Prana can freely flow only if the passageways (Nadis) are clear, clean, and free from obstructions. Nadis, the Subtle Energy Channels are energy passageways through which Prana or the vital Cosmic Life Force Energy flows. Similar to the way physical veins carry blood through the circulatory system, the Nadis carry energy through beings. Wherever the prana cannot flow freely in the Naids the mental, emotional, and physical ailments in the person are observed. Pranic healing emphatically brings glad tidings of health, happiness, and holiness as the Prana flows through the body.

Pranic Healing Program Process

With an objective of a healthy, hearty, and happy physical body as well as subtle etheric, astral, causal, and super causal bodies, the process of Pranic healing involves:

  • Psychic scanning to detect the imbalanced or undistributed Prana flow,
  • Eradicating auric-etheric debris or obstructions to clear the channels for
  • Prana’s free-flow.
  • Restoring and rejuvenating through supplementing Prana.
  • Stabilizing the Prana for aliveness.
  • Sustaining the Prana through life.

Pranic Healing Program Benefits

  • Learn comprehensively the principle of Alchemy.
  • Learn to steer the Prana flow for self-healing or healing others.
  • Learn to access Pranic energy through varied meditative techniques,
  • Learn to transmit specific Pranic frequencies for chakra-vise respective needs to accelerate healing through white light or vibgyor spectrum.

Pranic Healing Program Construct

Day 1

Pranic healing for Physiological curatives (to regulate the extremities of excessive cravings or undernutrition towards balanced health, weight, vigor, power, and strength).

Day 2

Pranic healing for Psychological therapeutics (to understand and transform superstitions, misconceptions, perceptions, phobias, and fear-based mindset into intelligence, concentration, and pure concepts)

Day 3

Pranic healing for Psychosomatic clarity (to discredit and override patterns of familial scarcities of love, relations, or wealth to attract and manifest multilevel plentiful abundance).

Day 4

Pranic healing for Psychodefense (to protect oneself from psychic attacks and the influence of others’ negative thoughts or gloomy emotions).

Day 5

Pranic healing for Psychospiritual awareness (to expand self-awareness to experience Oneness and Supreme Consciousness).

May you all graciously ascertain a divine connection and insightful communication between your higher and lower selves through Pranic healing!

Schedule & Time

Starting on 13th May 2023

  • For US: 13th May, 10:00-11:30 AM (EDT/EST)
  • For India: 14th May, 08:30-10:00 PM (IST)



Morning Session


Evening Session

$ 350

Both Morning & Evening Session

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