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22222 Portal: The DNA Activation Program

An exquisite divine portal is being graciously presented to humanity to access, initiate, and actualize its Divine Avatars, expressing and exuberating the Divine Consciousness while in human form and beyond. The gateway would open and lead towards ultimate Divine Nature for all the beings trapped in an illusionary mental matrix of duality, conflicts, limitations, and a false sense of painful separation from the Supreme Source. Scientifically evidenced, most humans have only 3 to 4 % DNA strands activated, allowing a 3-dimensional awareness, complying with 3D experience for physical bodies. Nevertheless, atomic and subatomic level transformations pertaining to multidimensional expansion and ascension can be acquired through continual unlocking, upgrading, and activating the rest of the DNAs (often labeled as junk DNA). Through channeled divine intent, mercy, gratuity, and guidance, an etheric activation of 96 % double helix dormant DNA (4% already active that we survive upon) would allow a sentient spiritual voyage beyond time and space that may eventually become apparent in this physical realm too.

Portal Program Encompasses

DNA activation Codex of esoteric meditations and primal sounds pertaining to multidimensional higher vibrations would enhance ones cognizance on how to transform, traverse, and transcend matter to light, lower self to higher self, gross to crystalline, fractal to whole, human to Divine, to rapidly take courageous leap and wisdomous shift into the same. With a deep and strong decision and declaration to awaken one’s latent potential, the corresponding DNAs get potentiated; however, no one even gets this thought until Divine wills, drives, and guides so. While lifting the veils of forgetfulness, disconnect, darkness, and duality, one will unravel the sheer Truth and unravel the deep secrets of the Universe within without.

Portal Program Energy Transmission Empowers

One’s immense longing for the Source conveys his readiness to awaken DNAs for potential spiritual evolution and expansion, once the same is attained, subsequently, deepest healing at mind, body, emotions and intellectual levels is inherently achieved. Furthermore, one may experience an updated soul’s software established through ethereal programming on activated DNAs and thus the same may exhibit and yield as:

  • Break free perceptual patterns, karmic blocks, and societal conditioning.
  • Clear ancestral wounds, vows, contracts, and curses by modifying Akashic records.
  • Breakthrough the limiting beliefs through cord-cutting to let infinite holiness shine within.
  • Awaken self-healing, metaphysical psychic abilities, intuition, and superpowers.
  • Manifest monetary, intellectual, rational, and spiritual abundance and affluence.
  • Attract genuine relations while vibrating at an individual authentic core blueprint.
  • Attune the pineal gland with cosmic consciousness to acclimatize to universal intelligence. 
  • Restore Pranic energy and vitality through sacred geometries and multifrequency lights.
  • Multidimensional integration to effortlessly express uniqueness, creativity, and spiritual gifts.
  • Kindle the encryption of complete Soul potential to uplift and support all life-kinds.
  • Create purer central energy circuitry, clearer auric field, and meridian reconnection.
  • Build inner peace, sacredness, and mental-emotional precision.
  • Receive guidance from spirit guides and wisdom from ascended masters.
  • Activate ascension and raise the consciousness level.
  • Embody Godly template, augmented divine light within the physical body.
  • Balance the feminine and masculine energies within.
  • Offload self-sabotaging guilt, fear, or resentment to embrace self-love and self-trust.
  • Align with cosmic love, light, peace, and the Spirit of God.
  • Soul realization with remembrance and reclamation of one’s the higher self
  • Galvanize divine love and commence spiritual evolution to attain Enlightenment.
  • Aware and adhering to the soul’s purpose and prosperity.

Ascent IQ and EQ towards ascertained self-mastery

Schedule & Time

Starting on 20th-22nd Feb 2022

Portal Program Progression

Day 1 -Bhrama Granthi Bhedan -( Activation of Muladhar ( Root) and Swadhisthan ( Sacral) – activation Meditation of DNA strands 1-24

Day 2 – Vishnu Granthi Bhedan
( Activation of Manipur( Solar plexus) , Anahat ) Heart) and Vishudhi( Throat )
( Meditation for DNA strands 49- 112)

Day 3- Rudra Granthi Bhedan ( Activation of Third Eye ( Agya) and Crown Chakra ( Sahastrar)
( Meditation for DNA Strands 113-124)

For USA:  9:00 PM – 10:00 PM EST For India:  7:30 AM – 8:30 AM IST



Only meditation


Only recording


Meditation and Recording


Only recording

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