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Detox Energizing Green Blend


 Benefits of Oolong

  •   Boosts your metabolism, causing weight loss
  •  Lowers Cholesterol
  •  Increases Mental Alertness
  •  Aids Digestion
  •  Promotes Healthy Hair
  •  Betters your Skin Condition
  •  Stabilizes Blood Sugar
  •  Prevents Tooth Decay

St. John’s Wort

Benefits of St. John’s Wort

  •  Has Anti-depressant Qualities
  •  Relieves Anxiety
  •  Reduces Mood Swings
  •  Eases Withdrawal Symptoms
  •  Restores Hormonal Balance
  •  Anti-inflammatory Agent
  •  Helps Treat Skin Problems
  •  Anticancer Potential

Papaya Leaf – Liver Cleanse

Benefits of Papaya Leaf

  •  Treats Dengue Fever
  •  Anti-Malarial Properties
  •  Good for Liver
  •  Supports Digestion
  •  Lowers Blood Sugar Levels
  •  Cure to Your Menstrual Pain
  •  Helps Treat Skin Problems
  •  Promotes Hair Growth
  •  Reduces Cancer Risks


Benefits of Moringa

  •  Improves Sleep
  •  High in Fiber
  •  Regulate Blood Sugar Levels
  •  Great Source of Iron
  •  Reduces Joint Pain
  •  Lowers Cholesterol
  •  Induces Death of Cancer Cells
  •  Powerhouse of Antioxidants

Holy Basil

Benefits of Holy Basil

  •  Reduces Fever
  •  Relieves Symptoms of Respiratory Disorders
  •  Helps with Treatment of Asthma
  •  Prevents Lung Disorders
  •  Prevents Heart Diseases
  •  Reduces Stress

Citrus Zest

 Benefits of Citrus Zest

  •  Improves Bone Health
  •  Treats Oxidative Stress
  •  Eradicates Toxins
  •  Fights Cancer
  •  Reduces Cholesterol
  •  Prevents Heart Related Conditions
  •  Promotes Weight Loss
  •  Fight Skin Related Conditions


 Benefits of Pineapple

  •  Acts as an Anti-inflammatory Agent
  •  Aids Digestion
  •  Boosts Immune System
  •  Fights Arthritis and Joint Pain
  •  Protects Vision
  •  Strengthens Bone and Teeth
  •  Acts as an Anti-cancer Agent
  •  Keeps Blood Pressure Stable


 Benefits of Spearmint

  •  Good for Digestive Upsets
  •  High in Antioxidants
  •  Aids Women With Hormone Imbalances
  •  Improves Memory
  •  Fights Bacterial Infections
  •  Lowers Blood Sugar
  •  Helps Reduce Stress


 Benefits of Mango

  •  Regulates Diabetes
  •  Lowers Blood Pressure
  •  Fights restlessness
  •  Treats Gall and Kidney Stones
  •  Cures Respiratory Problems
  •  Treats Dysentery
  •  Remedy for Ear Aches
  •  Heals Burn

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