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Session Price
First 30 min $75
First 45 min $90
First 60 min $120
Package of 4 $400 (Saving of $80)
Package of 10 $900 (Saving of $300)
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We at Soulful Living LLC are dedicated to understanding, the core issue of disease, its origin, the cause of the problem in your body. We integrate the Ancient Holistic healing sciences of Ayurveda and TCM with Modern Science of Bioenergy, Neuroscience, human psychology and physiology, and quantum physics.

Our Spiritual and Ancient Healing methods believe in the energy centers called “Chakra” and “Aura” and imbalances in these energy centers due to toxins generated by emotional stress or trauma, manifests into diseases or hardships in a relationship and financial situations.

The treatment in this arena may include some or all of the following

Chakra Balancing and Aura Cleansing
5 Element balancing using Cosmic Healing
Past Life Regression
Crystal Healing
Advance Breathing Techniques
Advance Meditative Techniques

Our Modern Cutting Edge Bioenergetics Technology – allows you to give us, 15 seconds voice sample, the steps are.
Receiving Log in Credentials
Recording your voice using the microphone on your cell phone or laptop.

The scan results, provide me to see 440 plus the parameters of your mind and body. I will be able to share my screen with you to enable you to see your results and be ready to be amazed by its accuracy and its ability to decipher the unknowns.

We also share complete reports in pdf form, based on the package chosen. ( it’s free with 60 min session and $50 with a 30/45 min session )

Eight Modules of the Scan results are

Energy Source – Measures the Life force energy in your body
Organ Strength – The energy level of major Organs of the body
Energy flow in the meridians – each major organ and its energetic flow in the body
Energetic Immunity: The ability of these organs to heal itself
Acupressure points: The points in the body where we can apply tapping, pressure, or healing
Mind and Body: Based on the frequency of all the organs, it also analyzes the issues inside your mind and conflicts and issues around it.
Nutrition and Toxins: What vitamins and trace minerals are enough in your body and which are deficient, also identify sensitivities to various grains, nuts, and nightshades.
Life Journey Screens: which accurately identifies, what and where you need to transform, where are you in your Hero’s journey, your Subconscious patterns and Archetype that you are, and your status of yours. chakra which needs balancing.

YES! MIRACLES can be co-created, We believe that each of us is entitled to vibrant health and life.

How Does It Work?

Appointments are available in-person, by phone, or email During your Wellness consultation sessions, you meet with your Holistic health and wellness coach to:

• Discuss wellness goals and current health and lifestyle status

• Assess your readiness for change

• Create and work on short and long-term goals

– Share Notes, Assignments, and recordings

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First 30 min, First 45 min, First 60 min, Package of 4, Package of 10


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