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We heal the root , not just the symptoms, of your Health, Relationship & Financial Issues

Living life with pain, trauma, anger, and stress can be quite depressing and hard to get by, and not knowing the purpose of our life can leave a dent in your soul. But worry not! We at Soulfulliving LLC not just heal the symptoms, but also remove the root cause with our 3 step process-

I am Dr. Divya Madan, an Intuitive and Holistic, Health Life and Business coach.

I combine clairvoyance, Reiki, Pranic, Vibrational Healing, Natural Herbs, Energy Medicine ( infoceuticals), and Supplements, along with other energy healing modalities. I also include voice scan technology, to provide clients a comprehensive view of their mind, body, and life situation.

I feel honored and humbled to be able to facilitate thousands of recoveries from physical illness, psychological, personal, financial, and relationship issues in the past 20 years.

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Join Us to understand more about power of spices , with an Ayurvedic Herbalist , Harpinder Kaur Bhohi

Our Specialized Features

Our Specialized Features

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It is a dynamic partnership that engages individuals and groups in conversations – building awareness and knowledge…

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It is a dynamic partnership that helps individuals and groups to access their full potential and become powerful creators..

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It is a powerful resource for strengthening the relationship where the disconnect has entered…

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Absent healing, distance treatment, remote treatment, distance psychic treatment, distance wholistic treatment…

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It is a dynamic partnership that helps individuals and groups to access their full potential and become powerful creators..

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It is a dynamic partnership that helps individuals and groups to access their full potential and become powerful creators..

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The root cause of chronic and other physical and mental health issues are revealed in just a few seconds, just at your home..

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Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

It is based on the mind, body, and soul alignment of the employees, that transforms them as a highly conscious individual to be a better team & organizational unit.

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For the past seven years, I have known Dr. Divya Madan. I've practised various kinds of meditation, including One-on-One sessions for my mother, my family, and myself.

Extraordinary and one-of-a-kind meditation sessions will provide the groundwork for experiencing one's actual self. One can achieve the potential for endless or rapid growth if they are prepared to investigate!

Dr. Divya Madan's commitment and passion for assisting others speak for themselves.

Dr. Divya Madan is among the Best Gurus in the World, in my opinion.

Dr. Om Pathak

Dear All,

Distant cosmic healing came into my life for the first time, when my sister Revathi Devi had to be hospitalized due to critical Covid condition. It was 4th of May my mother had just passed away due to Covid and now she was having a very low oxygen, blood pressure and blood sugar levels and had to be taken to ICU and put on ventilator.

We were losing hope and at time one of my friend suggested that I should talk to Dr. Divya Madan and when I had a conversation with her she immediately understood the issue & started the Distant Cosmic Healing process.

Within 2 days itself, we got the result that my sister's blood pressure and blood sugar levels gotten to normal range and tremendous improvement in the oxygen levels was also observed. By 14th May 21 my sister was completely healed and what is charged until date which is after two month she still doing great.


Dr Divya Madan, is blessed with many gifts. One of them is she can channel energies, where you can connect with your loved ones who are not alive. I requested her for a one-on-one session, where she could channel and help me connect to my mother. So that I could get the message and blessing that my mother wanted to convey through her.
Thank you very much Dr. Divya Madan, for all your help and support in healing my sister and connect me to my mother.


In one of the Vedanta event sessions, we did 9 steps of Being into a constant state of happiness. I feel we often get disconnected due to outside noise and feel stuck.

Dr. Divya Madan shared such profound tools to bring ourselves into a state of awareness and detach ourselves from ‘that’ noise.

Thank you for your wisdom and for showing us the steps & the tools. I felt connected to myself, it also got me into a state of awareness as I learned how to detach myself from situations. Vedanta Event’s session got me a lot of answers. How being in awareness can in itself bring in a state of stillness - to be in alignment - to be in oneness.
I was able to catch my thoughts and my first step towards being in the state of happiness.


DNA portal opening and all the other group meditations have given me clarity , wisdom and ability to handle my chronic health issues and financial hardship .

I was consuming 3 Blood Pressure tablets daily . It has come down to zero .

Many things opened in my life , including getting a new job and consulting assignments , which has made me financially independent.

Emotionally also I feel very stabilized .

Dr. Divya Madan , you are a true guru , who just not heal by her divine healing gifts and wisdom but also empowers us .

Dr. Divya Madan is a true guru. Most of the people out there teach things but they do not empower. She is empowering us. Lots of gratitude from the deepest of my heart.


I did Ascension Prayer for Whalchand Nagar industries with Dr. Divya Madan. It was almost like millions of energies had remained stuck which are now released.

Thank you to all the Devine energies to take them into the divine light.

I forget everything at the time of the meditation. The flow of energy makes me speechless every time during her meditation session.  

Thank You Dr Divya Madan

After Dr. Divya Madan's session, I felt so calm and light.  

I was doing meditation outside and listening to her beautiful voice and surprisingly lots of birds came around.

It was really amazing.

Thank you so much Divya di, your all the sessions are wonderful, all the doubts are being clarified and new areas are unfolding ….you are so motivational and it became a habit with me ….it has calming effect and a stress buster ….such a great awareness program ..noble cause ….I am loving it

I have connected with Dr. Divya Madan through my sister, amidst lots of confusion in career and relationship stress. Its been a soulful journey with her by getting healing and helping us to get the right direction & soul purpose in life. Leading a stress-free and convinced life.

Recently, I was diagnosed with Covid +ve, but I was completely protected by her healing and regular group mediation. Easily and got speedy recovery.

Thank you so much Dr. Divya Madan for helping us and raising us.


The session got me back to my childhood when I was forced by my mother to learn classical music and perform. I had left singing a long long time back thinking I don't have it in me.

Focusing on the chakras with musical notations healed and centered me. In one hour, one travels to multiple dimensions in time which seems like a lifetime but in reality, when one opens one's eyes, it is only an hour.

I strongly recommend 42 days of Immersion to Emergence program to everyone. If this clicks & resonates with your being you will feel abundance, fulfillment, compassion, and love for one self and the divine.
Thank you

Transformation is a journey and these powerful meditations with the collective souls under the guidance of Dr. Divya Madan have helped release old Paradigms, create mental shifts and clarity. If you want to change your life - you have to do something now and these are opportunities sent to us as gifts to grow and heal

I started doing regular sessions with Dr.Divya Madan in Aug 2018.  Since then, I have seen so many positive changes in myself and my outlook in life.

Dr. Divya Madan is always coming out with innovative ways to heal and help people in their journey. Every session that I have attended has been unique and refreshing. In the past year and a half, she has been conducting various workshops and meditations. I was fortunate to attend the Reiki healing, DNA activation and recently the Pranic healing. These are wonderful techniques that I am using in my daily life. May she continue in her quest to help people.

We specialize in facilitating Alpha, Theta, and Delta State of mind for anyone to initiate and unfold their innate healing, awareness, and potential to reprogram and redesign their existence while resolving any-all-underlying issues.

Akashna Pranic Healing Program

Ganesh Chaturthi

Reiki Learn Online

Self Hypnosis Online Workshop

Yog Vashishtha Katha & Meditation

Quantum Healing & Spiritual Expansion

Voice Scan Technology based on Quantum Physics provides a complete report towards Mind, Body & Life.

  • Nutrient Based Meal Planning
  • Emotional and Stress Release Management
  • Reflexology and Hand Gestures
  • Essential oil treatment
  • Ayurveda Lifestyle
  • Herbal Supplements
  • Yogic Exercises
  • Guided Meditation
  • In-person or Remote Crystal and Cosmic Healing customized for individuals need.

How We Work


Set up a Discovery call
– Choose a service.
– Do the payment.
– Get registered.


We will send you a mail with login credential of Voice Scan Portal and Scan steps.


Have a laptop/ cellphone with an internet connection and then follow the steps given in mail to get voice scan done in just seconds.


Depending on your selected service, you will get one, all or a combination of the followings:
– Full Scan Report
– Consultation session with your coach to plan solution.

Discovery Call

The initial complimentary 15-minute phone call provides you preliminary opportunity to discuss the problem prior to decide if you would like to obtain the service. During these 15 minutes, you may sense, if you can trust me and receive the help that you are looking for to develop motivation and meaning in your lives. Without any obligations, you may call to make sure if we will be an awesome team.

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