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Money Chakra Activation through Ancestral Healing

What are Ancestral Patterns?
The concept of ancient ancestral errors that are of collective and karmic origin is termed as ancestral patterns. Any dissonance or disease is the consequence of and subject to three influences and inheritances, 

  1. our own personal past (because of our multiple reincarnations, we are our own ancestors too),
  2. familial past (ancestor within karmic group), and
  3. mankind’s past. (collective ancestry). 
    Both negative and positive patterns of our ancestors influence our present life with issues concerning health, wealth, and wisdom. 
    The dysfunctional ancestral patterns of abuse, poverty, abandonment, and lack of self-esteem, as well as the functional patterns of wisdom, health, and happiness, both are inherited subconsciously. 
    But the bright side is that by increasing our connection with Spirit, the Divine, Creator or Supreme consciousness, we can free ourselves from these ancestral patterns, we can retrieve the power to control our present and future, and that of our children, grandchildren, and future generations.

What is Ancestral Healing?

  • Ancestral healing essentially implies to reveal and release our family’s previous generation’s ordeals and agonies to establish a safer and superior future prospect and potential. At times, we realize and acknowledge that our ancestors went through the same tests, trials, and troubles that we are enduring at present. 
  • The way identical facial and physical features we inherit from familial lineage, the traumas also get passed on to us through our genes to continue the tragic trends. Undoubtedly, this suggests we accepted or received the karmas of our countless prior generations. Nevertheless, we know how to break free from this vicious sequence. 
  • While liberating ourselves from negative cycles of the past, we can possibly access the wisdom of our ancestors to raise our spiritual awareness.  As an important element of healing, the ancestral healing is performed by making astral contact with one’s ancestors through deep meditations. 
  • The individual’s detrimental hereditary traits or compromised features are healed to bring forth physical, mental, emotional, financial, and spiritual health. We are continually reborn within the same genetic ancestral lineage to activate and heal the same old wounds and shed old patterns to set ourselves free to move towards awakening and become our true whole selves. Probably we know only a few generations of our ancestry but in actuality thousands of souls are behind us with their unique experiences as the root cause of our present day positive or negative experiences, apart from our own personal ongoing experiences.
  • Since ancestral healing clears out karmic baggage, our descendants will fortunately inherit only good karmas to ease their lives.  Envision a life completely and brightly transformed for good, in a manner, if one had gained access to the insight and wisdom of his ancestors and have recovered from all ancestral karmas, the ancestral healing actually demonstrates the same. 

What are the Benefits of doing Ancestral Healing?

  • Ancestral healing is performed to unlearn the engrained patterns and release ancestral traumas, sufferings, and karmic obstacles. 
  • Healing ancestral karmas, we discover how to contact our ancestors, heal hereditary traits and characteristics that have compromised our physical, emotional, and mental health, incorporate our ancestors’ wisdom into our spiritual path, and clear karmic baggage so that our descendants inherit lone positive karmas. 
  • Ancestral healing is crucially relevant and requisite to combat any discrepancies in domestic prototypes for complete health and well-being. 
  • It is recognized and established that by analyzing and healing the link with ancestral energies, their impact on our lives and future generations can be harmonized, and restoration from the crisis is achieved. 
  • Through ancestral healing, we can free ourselves from the past while accessing the ancient wisdom of our ancestors.

How Ancestral Healing is Done?

Through specialized guided meditations and ancestral work exercises, one can access and gain guidance, knowledge, and healing while releasing their traumatic experiences and distressing old blockages that are hereditarily retained in the lineage. 

Through ancestral healing, one can release inherited grief, pay off karmic liabilities, and clear the obligation, in conjunction with unlocking and enabling the support of one’s ancestor to shine one’s own light fully, while treading their life path with acquired ease. 

Who should do Ancestral Healing?

Irrespective of one’s current spiritual philosophy or practice, one can unquestionably establish a connection with one’s ancestors, since there already exists a genetic relationship between an individual and his ancestors. Since Ancestral healing brings us,

  • clearer focus,
  • better results,
  • greater prospects, 
  • healthier relationships, 
  • superior monetary settings, 
  • sounder life situations, and
  • heightened spiritual realizations, 

consequently, somebody seeking the above shifts in their lives must pursue and perform Ancestral Healing.

Schedule & Time

Starting on 12th-15th September or 16th-17th September 2023

Soulfullivingllc invites you to participate in the Money Chakra Activation Program through Ancestral Healing intended for Prosperity, Health, and Abundance by ancestral ascension, pattern release, and curse removal to improve and brighten our lives.

Zoom link will be shared in the E-mail and Whatsapp group


12th-15th September 2023

For USA:  10:00 PM – 10:45 PM EST
For India (next day):  7:30 AM – 8:15 AM IST

Duration-45 mins


16th-17th September 2023

For USA:  10:30 AM – 12:00 PM EST
For India (next day):  9:00 AM – 10:30 AM IST

Duration-1hr-30 mins







Both Session-1 and 2

If this in-person workshop, is on later date, we have online courses available for you to check out , right now .

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