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21 Days Immersion Program to Emerge a Radiant True Divine Self

The fact that one’s own transformation is instrumental in transforming collective consciousness. Being part of this immersion program, will be greatest service and opportunity for raising our own and collective vibrations. With reference to the 21 days recommended period, mentioned in various religions, traditions, and philosophies, we will annually observe divinely commanded immersion program of 21 days to guide and encourage spiritual aspirants. This 21 day period we will commit for purification, purging and refinement of our body, mind, and senses to aim an alchemical transformation. It is demonstrated, if we do something consistently for 21 days, it affects our conscious as well as subconscious mind.

Throughout scriptures we see reference of 21 days practice.

In Hinduism, 21 days period of Sadhana (practice)and Aradhana (worship) is observed by the devotees to pray andmeditate on the righteous and noble qualities of their ideal deities. For 21 days, the believer vows to adhere to self-commitment, discipline, moral principles, posture, pranayama, fasting, chanting, scriptures’ reading,concentration, contemplation, sankirtan (devotional singing), stuti (praises of creator and creation), satsang (to associate with truth, with true spiritual friends and attend spiritual discourses), seva (selfless service), meditation to progress towards achieving the samadhi (the complete absorption and union of individual consciousness into the ultimate universal consciousness).

Egypt and Greece Philosophy:
After 40 days of particular training of fasting and breathing in a certain manner, with a certain awareness and attentiveness on certain points, Greek philosopher Pythagoras was allowed to enter the esoteric school of mysticism in Egypt. Pythagoras reportedly said: “You are not allowing Pythagoras in. I am a different man; I am reborn. You were right and I was wrong, because then, my whole standpoint was intellectual. Through this purification, my center of being has changed. From the intellect it has come down to the heart. Now I can feel things. Before this training I could only understand through the intellect, through the head. Now I can feel. Now truth is not a concept to me, but life. It is not going to be a philosophy, but rather, an experience – existential.”

As the iron is known to be magnetically recordable substance, is what is used on hard drive and was used on old recording tapes.Since our body produces millions of red blood cells, our each physical, emotional, mental information gets imprinted on the iron element found in our hemoglobin. In 21-40 days, the red blood cell will carry a brand-new intention and attitude.

  • Program Significance
  • Divine Connect
  • Enhanced Consciousness.
  • Heightened self-awareness.
  • Progress towards self-realization.
  • Healing and Alignment
  • Increased Potential.
  • Better health and Boost immune system.
  • Experience powerful meditative state.
  • Mastery over senses.
  • Mental clarity and attention.
  • Develop tunnel vision focus.
  • Stabilized and balanced emotions.
  • Cleanse body and mind.
  • Improved energy and calmness.
  • Dissolved fears and perceptions.
  • Developmental precision.
  • Detox elements.
  • Rejuvenation and Relaxation
  • Discipline, Goodness and Beauty.

Program Basis:
Through divine guidance and psychic powers, the program’s focus is to undo all the karmic, ancestral, emotional, and mentalblockages that hinders our peace and progress in any aspect of our lives. With pure intents, we will practice specially designed following meditations to attain our true divine self while achieving overall health, wealth, and wisdom necessary to purposefully lead life on third dimension and beyond.

  • Kundalini Sadhana
  • Chakra meditation
  • Breath meditation
  • Transcendental Meditation
  • Sacred Geometrical meditation
  • Full five Body scan and Alignment
  • Mantra meditation (Sound therapy)

Program Construct:

  • Divinely guided intense meditation to influx purity and abide spirituality.
  • Mantra chanting
    Pranayama (breathing exercises) to elevate vibrations above the frequency of thoughts.
  • Selfless action. (may feed homeless, birds etc.) to dissolve karmic blockages.
  • Send unconditional love to entire creation to consciously experience oneness.

Program Tools
The program will be conducted in a phase of 21 days through:

  • Guided meditations
  • Detox kits
  • Discussion

Schedule & Time

Starting on 16th Jan- 4th Feb 2023



1 Session


10 Sessions


21 Days Session


21 Days Sessions along with recording

If this in-person workshop, is on later date, we have online courses available for you to check out , right now .

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