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Gift of the Vision program

With affordable programs of priceless guided meditations, light a lamp of knowledge within, the gleam of the same would brighten hope for needy children.

In pursuit of spreading knowledge and supporting orphans, our complete courseware is priced minimally to present you and your loved ones with the substantial gift of wisdom.

Soulfullivingllc encourage you to invest in yourself through our varied self-transformational programs, in doing so, many young lives would be benefited, along with your own, while you earn meritorious rewards for being generously charitable.

All proceeds would be granted to orphans at Dakshineswar Adyapeath, Kolkata, West Bengal, India.


Our prospect
• Multifaceted healing to unlock unlimited potential.
• Spiritual commitment to raise collective consciousness through meditations.
• Sponsorship and scholarships to the deprived and destitute.
• Right to vision to envision most cherished dreams with corrected sight.
• Aspire self-mastery and self-efficacy through continual efforts for self-growth.

Dakhineshwar Orphanage

A gift of light !!

A small intention is to help these young orphan children after a visit to Dakhineshwar Adhyapeeth Kali Mandir.

I asked the Goddess Maa Kali, you have put me in front of these children, randomly. I don’t know how I can help them. I was visiting Kolkata on my way to Dhanbad, as it doesn’t have flight services, and I also wanted to meet a few people, especially a Newly born kid to my client after a complicated pregnancy, the child is named Divyaan.

My prayers was answered, when from ‘Yours optical’s ‘of Kolkata, Shivtosh Pandey. Whom I met through, one of my Cosmic healing workshops where he was a participant and introduced himself as an ophthalmologist and having a glass shop, I felt the honesty in his voice. I proposed if he could join me in serving, and this person took the leap of faith and joined me in my mission.

I asked him to do Seva, and he obliged I took another leap of faith and sent him Rs 25 K to start the service in advance, and the first service started on 29th January, coincidentally falling on my daughter’s birthday.

Our journey began, we have 3, monthly eye camps so far, Feb 26, and Mar 25th.

In 3 months, approx 1000 eye tests were performed and 200 plus glasses were prescribed.

Why I took this mission ?

I believe, if these children won’t be able to see properly, they will lose interest in their studies, and with lower grades, they will get demotivated. That will spiral into being vulnerable, having low confidence, and self-esteem.. we don’t even know, where it will lead them too.

So to make, well-equipped, empowered children who can dream big and achieve it. I started the mission.

These children don’t have parents, to ask them how things are going for you. They experience pain and poverty, but cross all of it with a brave heart.

We have a responsibility to be parents of god’s children.

It’s a very small effort and contribution. But it fills my heart with pure joy when I see that timid, smile and unlimited gratitude in the eyes of these little ones.

I hope someday many many will join my hands to light up many many eyes across the world, to every person in need!

Contribution was made from my personal account and donations by my close friends and devotees of various faith , coming to my meditation and healing workshops . Many thanks to every one who believes in me and my work.

You all have a very blessed day .

Dr. Divya Madan
Soulful Living LLC

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