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The Journey Within: Path to Self-illumination

“Your mind will be released from all bondages, upon realizing the sovereign truth within.” Shavetashvatara Upanishad (6.13)

They say knock and door shall open, seek and you shall receive, enter and you shall find. It’s indeed vital to emphasize and pursue the selfsame source and space within to discover the magnificent self, realize the absolute truth, express the sacred spirit, unlock the ultimate potential, and unfold the supreme bliss while we tread towards our holy center to find the answers that we ever sought externally but remained unquenched. Clearing and conquering over physiological, and psychological layers, and by heightening our awareness, we shall enter the innermost chamber, to witness and revere our own soul-self. Anchored on ever-pervasive divine grace, our purer self-connection that we anticipate attaining during this program would gradually lead us towards self-mastery and soul-mastery. 

Program Objectives 

Throughout this program and henceforth, we shall intend to evolve, expand, and emerge as an awakened conscious love-centered lifeform and ever-grow our godliness. Primarily, the purpose of this program is to unravel individual holiness as and in light and reflection of our divine creator, as we realize and consecrate our primal connection with that Source. While we selfheal and restore physical and psychic hurts or abrasions, we ascertain to ideally and earnestly place efforts on the following to: 

  • Progress beyond phony constraints and limiting perspectives.
  • Untether conditioned beliefs and programs.
  • Overcome lethal thoughts, notions, or self-skepticism.
  • Nurture self-love and self-peace.
  • Establish power, passion, purpose, and perfection.
  • Divulge sentient insight and ingenious visualization. 
  • Manifest multiform abundance and fulfillment.
  • Align with Higher self and access Universal mind.
  • Establish energy balance and acquire energy mastery.
  • Cultivate sacred space within for transformational transcendence.
  • Resonate synchronicity (synchro-divinity).
  • Recognize metaphysical phenomena.
  • Unfold neutrality, integrity, and clarity.
  • Refine sensibility, sensitivity, and subtlety.
  • Connect with spiritual guides and enable spiritual awakening.
  • Attune and assimilate mystical transmissions.
  • Consciously create and shift to preferred realty.
  • Preserve self-bond with divine within.

Program Construct 

The path and philosophy of inner journey being based on divine guidance, instinctual science, and intuitive art, the program is experientially designed and approached on a sense of contemplation and practice of meditations that may bring about life-altering breakthroughs, resulting in an authentic expression of liberty, love, and light. Subjects to deal, heal, and delve upon, although not limited to, may include:

  • Erase the burdensome karmic archives to live life-lively in multi-domains. 
  • Release the archaic limitations and stagnant patterns to exercise personal preferences.
  • Infuse and ignite delightful enthusiasm in the present through inventive creativity and deepened mysticism.
  • Heal the naive inner child and align with ultimate wisdomous maturity without perceptual adulterations.
  • Learn the righteous way and virtuous purpose while forgiving self and all out of compassion and understanding.
  • Detach from negative energies, cut off unnecessary entanglements or energetic cords mercilessly attached to people or past traumas.
  • Explore and realize the ONE spirit that resides in, animates, and unites us all.

May we all experience the divine gravity of our own sacred core, the seat of the soul! May we all partake in this divine-driven multidimensional odyssey to discover the splendor of the true self! May God be gracious and shine his light on and through us while we pilgrimage within!

Schedule & Time

Starting on 9th May 2023

Zoom link will be shared in the E-mail and Whatsapp group

Date : Monday to Thursday
9-12 May
16-19 May
23-26 May

For USA: 9:30 pm EST

For India: 7:00 am IST



Only meditation (Individual)


Only meditation


Meditation and Recording

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