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We answer individual’s utmost vital inquiries regarding their physical, emotional, mental, financial, and spiritual health aspects. As a healing system, we promise complete health, provide remedial retrieval equivalent to ever-expanding mutual possibilities & potentials. As an essence of healing, we commend and recommend a righteous, mindful, and meditative standard of life, by living further & farther than just prescribed modern medicines. We cleanse, purify, and refine the physiological, psychological, and philosophical channels to strive. realize, and ordain our ultimate divine persona on this earthly plane. We tread the insight of sagacious energy healers, wisdomous spiritualists, master meditation mentors, proficient yoga instructors, certified Ayurveda practitioners, qualified physicians, and trained therapists.
Universally pervading esoteric Life Force Energy is the central and integral constituent of all life on planet earth and beyond, the depleted Life Force Energy ranging at any level from single cell to tissue to organ results as disease or malfunctioning, just like a plucked flower withers sooner than those on the plant as it got disconnected from its source of life force energy. Healing is established on the same principle, through healing, the deficit in Life Force Energy is proportionately restored within, to regain robust health, wealth, and wisdom. By becoming conscious and reinstating our intrinsic nature, elements, balance, energy, and biorhythms within and without, we can tap into the curative and corrective healing process by support of in-house traditional herbs, effective concoctions, and reviving energy medicines.
The integrative and inclusive approach in the form of multi-methodologies viz. Past life regression, ancestral healing, cord cutting etc. are encompassed to heal specific issues by eradicating and releasing their underlying psychosomatic root causes. By pausing or disconnecting from stress, fear, and worry inducing patterns and eliminating compromised lifestyles during our healing programs a complete body-mind detox is exercised to attain a disease-free peaceful healthy rejuvenated self. Deeper understanding of the importance of one’s healthy existence is imparted. Inspiration and encouragement to stick to new ideal ways and habits are instilled.

For a psychic healer it is easy to contact and instruct the individual’s subconscious mind to commence and complete the healing for successful results, yet successful psychic healing development requires faith and confidence of the healee as well. So far, psychic healing was successfully applied to resolve issues related to almost everything, to mention a few of the matters that were proficiently worked upon to explore and blend the entire human psyche, including one’s spiritual dimension as psychic wholeness and healing. My work contains several detailed clinical case descriptions that illuminate the therapeutic psychic healing principles. Anyone going through challenges, losses, suppressed and repressed emotional bruises, subconscious mental patterns, familial constraints, karmic blockages, societal conditioning, ancestral trauma and sufferings, unhealthy and stressful situations can seek help and get benefitted from metaphysical psychic healing. Psychic healing consists of following strides customized per individual’s needs and goals.
• Financial issues.
• Improve mental, emotional, and physical health.
• Maximize work performance.
• Enhance personal and professional relationships.
• Dissolve depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, loss, stress, panic attacks.
• Personality Adaptations and Disorders, Phobia.
• Transform behavioral issues.
• Adjust and adapt to life transitions.
• Anger Management
• Attention Deficit
• Obsessions and Compulsions
• Divorce/ Separation/ Broken Heart
• Reconcile Existential issues
• Learn Relaxation and calm
• Meditation, Mindfulness, Yogic and Tantric Techniques
• Spiritual Growth
• Counseling
• Insomnia and mood swing
• Preventative Cure
• Chronic illness
• Immunity
• Skin disorders
• Weight loss help
• Renal, arthritis, gout
• Speech and hearing issues etc.
• Unproductive mindset
• Unbettering situations one stuck in.
• To figure out next big steps
• Personal development
• Realize life-long goals.
• Improve communication.
• Bad unprofessional habits
• Social skills
• Procrastination,
• Reaching potential,
• Afraid to make or take goals.
• Navigate career choices and challenges,
• Afraid to take risk,
• Self-esteem concerns
• Mood dysfunction, etc.

We can recuperate from varied physical, psychological ailments or any other issues pertaining to relational, rational, intellectual, financial, or spiritual matters through specialized observance of psychic healing, and years of suffering dissolve for good. Psychic healing modalities remain relevant to mind, body, and soul, as a wholesome balancing approach by combining ancient wisdom and art of healing with research-based soft science of transcendental meditations and energy therapy. Inclusively, all of these bring change at a subtle level to boot out the lower negative vibrational energies while raising an individual to higher frequencies.

Psychic healing and meditations are pure human entitlements and the same is beneficial and practically available for one and all. The fact that everyone needs guidance and support at some or multiple point of time in their lives, anyone can be benefited from psychic healing. It requires an incredible extent of strength and courage to reach out for help. The following indications may suggest that an individual may seek out psychic healing.

• physical health does not improve despite best medical help.
• falling into the same conflicts over and over.
• getting the same failure or feedback.
• emotional distress.
• putting too much strain on oneself.
• one needs so much advice.
• feeling lost and not enough.
• feeling unloved or unmotivated.
• feeling worn out or unfulfilled.
• feeling joy and peace are missing.
• feeling that something is not quite right about how one feels, thinks, or acts.
• going through rough or failing relationships and are overwhelmed.

A non-invasive wellness system based on body & mind’s vibrational reading of 450 parameters through voice or palm’s touch on the scanner. The scan report is analyzed to spot the energy blockages (mainly caused by accumulated environmental toxins, metabolic wastes that clog the energy channels, and/or emotional traumas). Healing is directed on the same spots in order to eliminate those blockages for good. Infoceuticals’ drops may also be administered to reverse the energy interruptions. MiHealth device may balance the disturbed frequencies organ-wise and at cellular level.

Ayurveda, the ancient Hindu Veda, divulges phenomenal grasp into the human body centered on wholesome observation, findings, revelations, and considerations to trace and eliminate precursors of any dissonance and disease. The essence and knowledge of righteous healthy living, eating, and healing, being preached and practiced at Soulfullivingllc is proudly derived from Ayurveda.

We passionately heal, sensitively care, delicately support, patiently guide, competently restore, skillfully prescribe, intently encourage, intensely inspire while compassionately focusing on the well -being of everyone in our vicinity. While adhering to the paramount healing process, we ensure perpetual health subsequently. The nine-step healing process includes: Consultation (holding space to discuss the issue and to comprehend the root cause of the sickness or moodiness) Diagnosis (communicating to disclose the examined underlying distress behind the overlying concern) Counselling (empathetically providing viable solutions and resolutions within appropriate treatment protocol) Detox (withholding judgement facilitating to eliminate physical, mental, and emotional toxins and patterns) Energy Medicine (supervision to remove the blockages and restore cellular health) Diet Therapy (directions for nutrition) Yoga & Breathing Exercises (reestablishing flow of energy through all channels and meridians) Meditation (guidance to connect with the Universal Source and Peace within) Satsang (soothe and loving company of divine, truth, self, mother nature, and like-minded inspiring people) The Healing process may typically range between the duration of one to thirty days; however, it might take longer subject to the type and grade of problem or type of service required or selected.

Psychic healing is perfectly envisioned to heal and help people overcome their challenges, resolve their issues, and reach their potential. We trust that for psychic healing to be effective and successful, an individual’s active participation is essentially important in the form of consistency, motivation, and dedication to improve himself. An individual needs to attend the healing sessions regularly, on time, and discuss their doubts, remarks, observations, and concerns. It is recommended and an excellent exercise to journal one’s progress and take key notes of meditations or assignments during the healing session to be practiced outside of the session. The psychic healing success lies in successful co-creation of the desired end results. Apart from success in improvement of the specific concerns that led someone to seek help, other intangible benefits one may observe and discover include the following.

• relieve emotional distress,
• alleviate mental sufferings,
• ease physical symptoms,
• improved interpersonal relationships,
• greater self-confidence,
• better decision-making,
• overall health and well-being.
• finding ways of dealing with problems.
• new meditations and their diligent practice. etc.

The psychic healers as Godsent carriers of divine healing energies, and healers are placed at quite a high pedestal. God exhibited and extended his promise of redemptive healing through the healing hands of psychic healers. To date Jesus Christ along many other masters, are acknowledged and revered as divine healer of soul, mind, and body. At its core, spiritual or psychic healing necessitates channeling divine and positive energy from one person, the “healer,” to another, the “healee”. The universally present divine life force energy can facilitate to heal or alleviate physical, mental, or spiritual ailments. The healer is generally thought to be a medium for the restorative powers that are emanating from a higher power, or spirit. Psychic healer is the ones whose role is to reconnect an ill person to the holy whole by removing the blocks between the individual and the whole. A physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually ill person has lost the capacity to heal himself as he got disconnected from the holy whole and forgot his own healing source. Since healer is in perfect harmony and connection with the Source, it is easy and feasible for him to become channel or connector between the healee and the Source to initiate and facilitate the energy flow to commence healing process. In state of meditation, psychic healer may visualize, affirm, and manifest healing and wellbeing to the healee.

Healing is considered the greatest form of service in the collective sphere, exchanging optimistic, constructive, empathetic, loving, and kind vibes among all, through silence, speech, or acts is healing too. At varied degrees, we all have dormant healing energy within that can be realized and activated through intense intent, determined desire, and gratuitous grace in light of our destiny & devotion. Besides, the right methodical tools and systematic techniques pertaining to specific breathing types and deep meditations, acquired & applied with appreciativeness may further develop and expand our healing competence. Those with passion and mission to heal self and all, consider all viable methods and prospects to elementally entail and embark on mystical voyage to recognize sure connection with self, spirituality, surrounding, strength, sacred, and spirit. The process of developing psychic healing abilities principally involves establishment of practitioner’s connection to the Absolute Source, either directly or step-up hierarchical connection through ascended masters. Through this divine connection or association with Source i.e. the divine healing hub, the practitioner can tap in and draw on reserves of infinite healing powers and thus, can begin to channel and direct the same through his hands, third eye, or intent. The practitioner is bestowed upon intuitive, psychic and healing powers that can be further refined and nurtured through persistent practice and virtuous objectives to heal life-kind.

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