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Introduction to Merkaba

Ever wondered or witnessed, how within a micro fraction of a second, even before an eye blinks, super advanced technologies swift the superfast spaceships. Ancient scriptures too endorse extremely speedy chariots that could glide with power of thoughts or specialized mantras and chants. Such chariots teleported and chauffeured the riders or travelers as they intended, for instance, Pushpaka Vimana, a flying chariot of Ravana that he used to abduct Lord Rama’s wife Sita. Historians believe the spiritually advanced civilization of Atlantis was proficient in such intent-centered flying technology. Bible and Greek philosophies have related references of extraterrestrial beings visiting on flying wheels or machines.

In Jewish mysticism of Kabbalah, the Merkaba is indicated as the gold throne of God and the same is explored as a celestial marvel and mechanism of spiritual aerodynamics.  Similar sacred geometry, the Sriyantra, is honored and worshiped in Hindu tradition where two intersecting triangles epitomize a balanced, harmonious, and complete state of any three elements or components necessary for mundane life and for Enlightenment. As in SriYantra. the two triangles denote Tridev(trinity Gods, the three aspects of masculine energy) and Tridevis (trinity Goddesses, the three aspects of feminine energy), likewise, Merkaba’s two tetrahedrons depict masculine and feminine facets.

What is Merkaba?

Probably, after contemporary as well as ancient references, it will be simple to visualize and understand Merkaba, wherein, a sacred and sensible utilization of geometric shapes can be applied to contact with the Higher Consciousness or Universal Mind through the inner (third) eye during meditation. Consequently, Merkaba can be defined as an attentively and intentionally created divine light vehicle established on the light-body activation principle encompassing sacred geometry, mind, body, soul, and spirit complex.

Meaning of Merkaba

Merkaba is a spiritual vehicle for interdimensional travel, the phonetics clarify the meaning encoded in the term itself.

Mer: light

Ka:   spirit

Ba:  body

Structure of Merkaba

Around the body, two equal sized intersecting and interlocked counter rotating tetrahedrons (triangular pyramids) generate a 3-dimensional energy grid that can activate a fifth-dimensional light energy body that can be used for astral travel to higher dimensions. While directing the divine love at heart center, a fire of passion and inner power gets generated which lights and makes way ahead. Through centrifugal force within the Merkaba periphery, the same creates an ever-expanding light field around the body in concurrence with the soul. One tetrahedron points upwards assumingly signifying masculine aspect, and the other tetrahedron points downwards signifying feminine aspect of the cosmos, channeling or drawing energy from the center of the Universe and energy from center of the Earth respectively, whereas continuous spinning of both tetrahedrons balances the two energies. 

Purpose of Merkaba

With the balance thus ascertained by two spinning tetrahedrons of Merkaba, a mighty energetic force and field is generated that can be insightfully and rightfully employed and projected towards diverse aspects, with an objective of manifested expansion and in pursuit of spiritual evolution. 

On account of clockwise and counterclockwise rotations of the two tetrahedrons, the balance and stability attributes are established and exhibited in terms of:

  • brain and heart coherence
  • left brain & right brain functions
  • lower three energy centers and upper three energy centers alignment

third dimension and higher dimensions synchronal

  • ascend and aim towards higher consciousness
  • magnify association with divinity
  • raise vibrations
  • interdimensional astral travel 
  • progress in deeper and higher meditations
  • transcendental blissful union of consciousness and awareness. 
  • persistent bond with the Source 
  • connect with the Higher Self
  • acquire divine love
  • coalition of knowledge and wisdom
  • piously embrace unconditional love
  •  concord between feminine and masculine energies within
  • centum state with balanced Yin-Yang 
  • gain wellbeing and personal development 
  • navigate through life courageously and confidently
  • heal physical, mental, and emotional abrasions or seeping wounds.
  • restore the energy flow through the pineal gland to procure heightened telepathic and ESP (extra sensory perceptions) abilities
  • integrate body, mind, soul, and Universal Spirit
  • decipher and incorporate the love, light, and peace codes
  • access and assimilate the love, light, and peace orbs
    • deflect psychic attacks
    • create and surround a protective force field
    • draw off negative energy and blockage from the environment 
    • infuse positive energy that generates from pure Divine Love 
      • open the heart and meet and learn from the higher self every so often 
      • access the authentic and direct guidance from beloved Higher Self 
      • precise protocol for fully and reliably connecting with your Higher Self
      • commence multidimensional knowledge of the Truth
  • travel to wisdom schools of distinct masters
  • visit and communicate with ascended masters to study 
  • transport self or consciousness across densities and interdimensional portals

Designing Merkaba

It’s like designing personal spacecraft, invoking and flying it whenever-wherever. Through the power of visualization, with immense divine love from the heart center, we spiritually create our own Merkaba around the physical body by mentally commanding the energy, light, and geometric shapes.

Programming of Merkaba

Accuracy and activation of Merkaba is directly proportional to purity and piety of the heart center. Divine love charges, fuels, and amplifies the rotation of tetrahedrons as the energy is concentrated and circulated through the apex, and the ever-observant subconscious mind feeds in the instructions using the Universal positioning system (like the GPS for roadways). Once programmed for a particular location, the same can be put on autopilot-mode for repeated trips through the positioning system.

Meditation with Merkaba

Set an intent of divine love at the heart center while breathing deep, steady, and slow, and sit or stand calmly inside the Merkaba. The breath controls the speed and mind steers the direction, as the flow of energy from the twirling chakras and auric electromagnetic field activates and lifts the Merkaba upwards. With closed eyes and pure heart, focus on the desire. Merkaba will work upon the preferred seeking and will actualize the same without any deviation. Come back into the body after meditation, express gratitude with faith for the materialization.

May you receive and realize the knowledge and the wisdom to construct and connect with your own incredible Merkaba! May divines lovingly grant you an ecstatically mystical Merkaba!  

Schedule & Time

Starting on 21st January 2022
21st-26th Jan

For USA:  11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EST
21st-26th Jan 2022

For India:  9:30 PM – 10:30 PM IST
22nd-27th Jan 2022

For USA (night):  9:30 PM – 10:30 PM EST
21st-26th Jan 2022

For India:  8:00 AM – 9:00 AM IST
21st-26th Jan 2022



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