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Kundalini Yoga Money Activation Program

“Money and mansions are not the only wealth. Hoard the wealth of the Spirit. Character is wealth, good conduct is wealth, and spiritual wisdom is wealth.” Atharva Veda

The program is envisioned to understand the mystical meaning and value of money and initiate the extensive influx of sacred money through seven chakras, the energy centers located in each of our five bodies. These chakras are analogically the wheels of the chariot of our existential beingness, that must spin simultaneously and collectively in complete balance to harmoniously arrive at the Absolute.

Program Significance

Lest we know that money is the most resourceful and regardful tool to communicate, contribute, and commend with regard to societal as well as self-welfare on the planet Earth, we should reassess and reestablish our relationship with money in a highly revered manner.
Essentially, the program is intended to bridge the gap between the Universal currency (energy) and the worldly currency (money) to manifest the most beautiful life and afterlife.

Program Basis: The Kundalini Initiation

Traversing through seven convoluted chambers (energy centers), the ascetic ascents 33 rungs towards the divine light, where the Creator reveals the Truth and Himself, as and in Oneself, as and is ONE. The ONE, who unreservedly creates, guides, protects, salves, and loves each quark of his creation within and without. Over multi-incarnations, one ascends and descends the ladder until absolute illumination is attained, beyond the top of the ladder. The ladder is in fact the spinal cord, the conduit between paradise and despair, probability and certainty, physical and metaphysical, Samsara and Nirvana, that are not factual locales, instead states of consciousness, the divine providence. The 33 rungs of the ladder are actually 33 vertebrae. Abiding spiritual and physical laws, one’s primal energy is ought to or rather destined to climb and cross the ladder of realization to realize one’s dreams and desires around health, wealth, wisdom, and enlightenment. The primal creative energy, residing at the base of spine once initiated by the awakened master, graciously awakes and inherently flows upwards, breath by breath, ascending through all chakras manifesting and revealing superior, higher, subtler, purer, realer, truer and godlier experiences and distinct developmental phases while dissolving the psychic and karmic blockages (accumulated on the ladder) with the nectar dripping from the pineal gland, to eventually culminate and reach at crown as non-dual awareness in unison with the Supreme consciousness.

Program Progression

Although independent and complete on their own, three levels are devised for sequential transmission of energy and insightful downloads of mystical guidance. 

The three levels are aimed to achieve comprehensive soulful self-mastery by:

  • Alignment, centering, and grounding for clarity, commitment, and focus 
  • Healing for improved physical, psychological, and financial health
  • Dropping doubts, perceptions, and illusions for radical freedom
  • Profoundly elevate awareness for sharp cognizance
  • Cathartic psychological cleansing for spiritual transformation
  • Accelerated biological processes and higher brain functions
  • Activating and decalcifying pineal gland for spiritual alchemy
  • Expanded consciousness and amplified bliss
  • Tapping and unleashing dormant potential and psychic abilities
  • Accentuated divine connection through attuned inner essence.

Program Construct

Through channeled and guided meditations, the program is designed to align and activate seven chakras to attract Midas wealth and magnetic abundance through relevant energy centers.
Although independent and complete on their own, three levels viz.
Level 1 Money Chakra Activation,
Level 2 Money Chakra Activation, and
Level 3 Money Chakra Activation
are devised to accomplish multifold thorough money-mastery. Each level is aimed to cleanse, align, and activate all energy centers to shed off blockages and obstacles in the way of monetary and spiritual affluence.

Root Chakra: Draw survival abundance, financial security, health stability, and strengthen corresponding organs.

Sacral Chakra: Draw creative and expressive abundance, emotional endurance, and forgiveness for a congenial relationship with self, others, and the Universe, strengthening corresponding organs.

Solar Plexus Chakra: Draw power and passion abundance, integrity, willpower, authenticity, and strengthen corresponding organs.

Heart Chakra: Draw unconditional love abundance, warm acceptance, and strengthen corresponding organs.

Throat Chakra: Draw truth abundance, harness communication ability, and strengthen corresponding organs.

Third Eye Chakra: Draw intuitive abundance, hone intellect and knowledge, and strengthen corresponding organs.

Crown Chakra: Draw spiritual abundance, avail wisdom, non-attachment, and strengthen corresponding organs.

Schedule & Time

Starting on 14th-22nd October 2023

May we all experience and activate seven-rayed money-abundance in our life to partake in raising collective riches and abundance of the Universe!

Zoom link will be shared in the E-mail and Whatsapp group

Money Chakra Activation

6th June-9th June 2023

For USA:  9:00 PM – 10:00 PM EST
For India:  6:30 AM – 7:30 AM IST

Money Chakra Activation

13th June-16th June 2023

For USA:  9:00 PM – 10:00 PM EST
For India:  6:30 AM – 7:30 AM IST

Money Chakra Activation

20th June-23rd June 2023

For USA:  9:00 PM – 10:00 PM EST
For India:  6:30 AM – 7:30 AM IST









All Levels

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Please join me to get yourself aligned to your financial abundance, with the blessings of Mahalaxmi and her Swarupas.
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