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Ram Katha

The Ramayana

Sanatana epic Ramayana, the narrative of the most celebrated and revered protagonist, King Ramachandra, is built upon his spirituality, strength, and successes that made him worship worthy God in a human form on the planet.

Devotedly titled as Lord Rama, King Ramachandra, the 14 Kala (proficient mastery) incarnate of Lord Vishnu was born to combat the startling devils causing a nuisance on Earth. Mere remembrance of his holy name is believed to protect and liberate one from internal and external demons (viz., fear, vices, negativity etc.)

To date, Lord Rama’s leadership is inspirational and his Rama-Rajya is well-admired, the way he managed himself and his territory are much sought after and aimed at. As ascribed by Sage Valmiki, as king, Lord Rama who was knowledgeable at all four levels, had complete awareness of how to best respond corresponding to the unique perceptions, understandings, and requirements of his kingdom’s citizens from commoners, bureaucrats, to aristocrats. The four levels of knowledge that Lord Rama had realized are:

    • Exoteric: Preliminary level knowledge intended for masses with limited knowledge of own constitutional rights broad society continues to be followers. Lord Rama was perfectly aware of this fact, and for this reason, he made sure the unexpressed voices and needs of naive people were heard, fulfilled, and protected without any infringements. 
    • Mesoteric: middle-level knowledge, Lord Rama mastered exclusive doctrines on battleships, strategies, politics, civil, and education to influence and impact others with an extremely accurate and precise approach towards the truthful path for inclusive harmony within and without.
    • Esoteric: the advanced knowledge, Lord Rama was an accomplished Yoga Vashishtha scholar. Born with the greatest level of consciousness, with inner determination Lord Rama purified himself to awaken his inner divinity to enlighten everyone on the planet with his godly light.
    • Neoteric: the ONE, (jumbled for NEO), being incarnate of Lord Vishnu (the preserver), Lord Rama knew God’s complete plan for the earthlings, as he himself is the ONE, the one who directs, plans, and preserves the cosmos. 

Significance and imagery of Ramayana

  • King Dashrath: any spiritual aspirant, seated on dash (ten senses organs (5 gyanindri(perception sense organs) and 5 karmindriyi(action sense organs))) rath(chariot) with complete command over his 10 senses organs. 
  • King Dashrath’s three wives: spiritual aspirant’s 3 gunas (rajas, tamas, and satav).
  • Guru Vashishtha: spiritual aspirant’s antahkarana (inner mind), whom he prays for a divine child/ divinity to take birth in him. Vashishtha gave king Dashrath the rice pudding i.e., the guidance to seek God with love.
  • Lord Rama: the Supreme consciousness and divinity that spiritual aspirant attains after purification, perseverance, and penance.
  • Goddess Sita: the awareness of spiritual aspirants.
  • Hanuman: the bhakti and inner strength of spiritual aspirants that helped Goddess Sita and Lord Rama’s union for good.
  • Ravana: the ego, vices, karmic debt, doubts, and desires of the spiritual aspirant that parted Goddess Sita from Lord Rama.

Why should one study Ramayana?

Sage Narada mentiond several benefits of contemplating and meditating upon holy scripture The Rmayana.

  • Imbibe physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual strength from Lord Rama, who embodied his high principles rather than preaching those.
  • Righteousness elevates, one learns to do right actions through right values.
  • Learn to keep promise (determination and will power) with self and others.
  • Dissolve sins and vices.
  • Nurture mental peace and clarity.


Schedule & Time

Starting on 28th November- 4th December 2023

Soulfullivingllc invites you to awaken our inner Sita and Rama while discerning on The Ramayana through guided meditations. May Lord Rama bless all with his divine characteristics!

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