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Spiritual Mentoring and Cosmic Healing


Session Price
First 30 min $75
First 45 min $90
First 60 min $120
Package of 4 $400 (Saving of $80)
Package of 10 $900 (Saving of $300)
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Quick Overview

Unravel and align with the soul’s purpose for the present incarnate while connecting with higher self and higher dimensions. Spiritual purification and healing may express an expanded love, peace, light, hope, liberation, empowerment, awareness, consciousness, and progression towards spiritual enlightenment. Healing unfolds life’s purpose and inner spiritual shifts towards higher consciousness. Activate and align your energy channels to practice your creatorship energetically and intentionally to gracefully spread love and light for self and all towards global healing.

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First 30 min, First 45 min, First 60 min, Package of 4, Package of 10


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