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Akashna Pranic Healing
9 Day Certificate course

Heal yourself and your loved ones.

What you will learn

1. Aura Reading
2. Aura clearing and Balancing
3. Ascension from any pain to a harmonious state.
4. Connection to your guides
5. Safe astral travel to find your answers
6. Lucid dreaming
7. Manifest ( health/wealth/love) using all of the above on day 1
8. Manifest using all of the above on day 2
9. Manifest using all of the above

Who can attend

Everyone who has basic understanding of chakra and elements and have done any meditation class before .

What should you expect?

Better health, peace, love, and better financial status or opportunities.

Schedule & Time

Starting on 12th Sep- 21st Sep 2023


USA- 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM EST

India- 10:00-11:00 pm


$ 99.99

9 Day Certificate course

If this in-person workshop, is on later date, we have online courses available for you to check out , right now .

Know about the valuable feedback from our clients

I would continually hear someone else's voice in my brain. I tried to get assistance from a number of sources, including a therapist and a mental facility, but nothing I tried worked. I was going through a really trying time in my life.

I had to discontinue my education since I was unable to focus.  Even getting a good night's sleep was a significant accomplishment. The voice didn't stop. I felt some sensations constantly everywhere around me. There was no doubt that life was not heading in the right direction.

Then a family member who had received assistance in a similar scenario recommended that I contact Dr. Divya Madan. I started feeling better throughout my appointments with Dr. Divya Madan, and the voices got progressively less. She possesses skills that enable her to identify the issue's cause and offer a solution.


A very interesting and exciting introduction to the world of energies and how they can be used to improve all aspects of our lives.

Dr. Divya Madan has a unique way of gently guiding and walking through this journey with small steps but each step opens a new understanding of oneself and our relationship with everything in the world around us.

So glad to have found such a great teacher, friend, and mentor in Dr. Divya Madan. She shows the path, we have to walk - practice, and master the teachings - Thank you
Dear All,

Distant cosmic healing came into my life for the first time, when my sister Revathi Devi had to be hospitalized due to critical Covid condition. It was 4th of May my mother had just passed away due to Covid and now she was having a very low oxygen, blood pressure and blood sugar levels and had to be taken to ICU and put on ventilator.

We were losing hope and at time one of my friend suggested that I should talk to Dr. Divya Madan and when I had a conversation with her she immediately understood the issue & started the Distant Cosmic Healing process.

Within 2 days itself, we got the result that my sister's blood pressure and blood sugar levels gotten to normal range and tremendous improvement in the oxygen levels was also observed. By 14th May 21 my sister was completely healed and what is charged until date which is after two month she still doing great.


DNA portal opening and all the other group meditations have given me clarity, wisdom, and ability to handle my chronic health issues and financial hardship.

I was consuming 3 Blood Pressure tablets daily. It has come down to zero.

Many things opened up in my life, including getting a new job and consulting assignments, which have made me financially independent.

Emotionally also I feel very stabilized.

Dr. Divya Madan, you are a true guru, who just not heal by her divine healing gifts and wisdom but also empowers us.

Dr. Divya Madan is a true guru. Most of the people out there teach things but they do not empower. She is empowering us. Lots of gratitude from the deepest of my heart.


I have connected with Dr. Divya Madan through my sister, amidst lots of confusion in career and relationship stress. Its been a soulful journey with her by getting healing and helping us to get the right direction & soul purpose in life. Leading a stress-free and convinced life.

Recently, I was diagnosed with Covid +ve, but I was completely protected by her healing and regular group mediation. Easily and got speedy recovery.

Thank you so much Dr. Divya Madan for helping us and raising us.


The session got me back to my childhood when I was forced by my mother to learn classical music and perform. I had left singing a long long time back thinking I don't have it in me.

Focusing on the chakras with musical notations healed and centered me. In one hour, one travels to multiple dimensions in time which seems like a lifetime but in reality, when one opens one's eyes, it is only an hour.

I strongly recommend 42 days of Immersion to Emergence program to everyone. If this clicks & resonates with your being you will feel abundance, fulfillment, compassion, and love for one self and the divine.
Thank you

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