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Corporate Wellness Program

At Soulfullivingllc we envision a more healthy, peaceful, composed individual, organizations, and the world as whole. Our Soulfullivingllc Corporate Wellness Program is based on the mind, body, and soul alignment of the employees, that transforms them as a highly conscious individual to be a better team and organizational unit. Through our program, participants learn to identify and shed off nonproductive old habits to bring about steady change and creativity from within.

Program Mentor


 Being scholastically qualified, professionally trained, and competently specialized in imparting wellness programs for employees within a corporate setting, Dr. Divya Madan educates, inspires, and supports personnel in making constructive lifestyle selections to improve their complete well-being. Her responsibleness, unique qualities, and pride in her work presents and honors her as a productive corporate wellness mentor. With her upscale knowledge to be able to provide practical tips, tools, and strategies, easy enough to understand and apply, Dr. Divya Madan designed and developed this wellness program to comprehensively address the customized needs and objectives of the participants and the organizations.

Program Elements

 Soulfullivingllc Corporate Wellness Program is exclusively devised to contribute to a healthier and more engaged workforce, leading to increased productivity and improved employee satisfaction in alignment with personal and organizational goals. Program thus includes:

    • Interactive and engaging sessions.
    • Workshops on varied topics, viz. nutrition, mindfulness, stress management, work-life balance.
    • Fitness instructions and activities like yoga, meditations, breathing exercises, and light group exercises for mental, emotional, and physical health and alignment.
    • Personalized guidance, recommendation, and encouragement in setting sustainable beneficial goals and healthy behavioral amendments.
    • Bioenergetics health screening, a non-invasive complete wellness system based on body & mind’s vibrational reading of 450 parameters through voice scan report to spot the energy blockages to help employees understand their existing health status and identify areas for improvement.
    • Resource provision, viz. handouts, AV recordings, newsletters to support employees wellness journey.
    • Effective, clear, and adaptable communication to help employees connect with their values and find meaning in their work and personal lives.
    • Trustworthy, empathetic, and non-judgmental support and counseling to enhance employees morale.
    • Feedback collection and evaluation for continual improvement.
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