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Health and Wellness Coaching

  • Imbalanced emotions or stress that subtly affect health or delay in recovery from sickness are identified by Voice Scan are precisely healed while psychically tracing the associated root cause behind that disharmony.
  • Healing is directed on the emphasized spots of the voice scan reports in order to eliminate those blockages for good.
  • Thorough cleansing, balancing, and aligning all the energy centers and meridians, a free flow of emotional energy is established for thorough processing of information and thoughts.
  • The auric depletion or damage and five elements’ impurities are reversed and restored with energy healing.
  • To keep in check the emotional response to attain and maintain self-control for better self-growth, grounding and aligning with Earth’s magnetic fields and axis may bring corrective developments towards complete health, happiness, and holiness.
  • Energy Infoceuticals may also be administered to reverse the energy interruptions.
  • MiHealth device may balance the disturbed frequencies organ-wise and at the cellular level.
  • Healing of chronic and acute illnesses, immunity boost, organs’ disfunctions, cellular disorders, comprehensive detox, or BMI correction is provided towards confident, healthy, and charismatic physical presence.
  • Beyond and beneath symptomatic treatment, psychic healing involves understanding and releasing the psychosomatic root cause of the ailments for permanent cure, perpetual relief, and eternal peace, while aligning the individual to his optimal strength, ultimate potential, and highest prospect.

Life Coaching and Cosmic Healing

  • We extend viable empirical solutions for individual’s transformation involving overall wellbeing, hidden potential, and positivity.
  • Ingrained conditioning and subconscious perceptions are diluted and dissolved to unlock clarity, creativity, and rationality.
  • Through energy healing the unrestricted flow of intuition and inner guidance is restored.
  • An exquisite astral scanning is performed to conduct past life regression, cord cutting, ancestral healing, and multidimensional integration that are significant to heal varied levels pertaining to any physiological, psychological, and philosophical issues.
  • Anyone going through challenges, losses, suppressed and repressed emotional bruises, subconscious mental patterns, familial constraints, karmic blockages, societal conditioning, ancestral trauma and sufferings, unhealthy and stressful situations should seek help and get benefitted from psychic healing

Relationship Coaching and Cosmic Healing

  • With rational and reliable expertise, education, experience, and conviction, healing can help resolve most of the challenging personal or relational concerns, a clear communication and coherence may be established while overcoming mutual disconnect or discord.
  • The foremost underlying need is to understand that any pains expressed through relationship dilemmas are actually the reminders to learn our lessons pertaining to the Universal principle of cause and effect. As soon as the lesson is learned, the entrapped energy is released, setting one free from associated pain while completely liberating them.
  • Through assent and intervention of healing one may achieve optimal happiness and effective reconciliation in relationships by shedding glum etheric and astral debris while making way for a hearty-happy life.

Distant Cosmic Healing

  • A viable substitute for someone facing immobility, emergency crisis, or post-surgical limitations. Grounding and chakra healing is an important aspect for overall health or localized restoration while embodying the individual in the present moment, breath, and body.
  • Balancing the first chakra, while psychically advising the sick-one to release, breathe, feel the body, feel the feelings completely, without wriggling away or plotting an escape. Healed root chakra associated with stability and survival rapidly establishes improvement and recuperation. 

Financial Coaching and Cosmic Healing

  • Attract abundance while releasing past traumas or programming of financial scarcities by rising above unproductive mindset and unbettering situations you are stuck in.
  • Reveal and release your familial and generational ordeals and agonies to establish a safer and superior monetary prospect and potential, as it is feasible to heal the genealogical line and personal karmic past.
  • Healing may refine retention, reasoning, and rationality for educational, professional, or business constructive competence essential to manifest financial success and project imperative objectives.

Spiritual Mentoring and Cosmic Healing

  • Unravel and align with the soul’s purpose for the present incarnate while connecting with higher self and higher dimensions.
  • Spiritual purification and healing may express an expanded love, peace, light, hope, liberation, empowerment, awareness, consciousness, and progression towards spiritual enlightenment. Healing unfolds life’s purpose and inner spiritual shifts towards higher consciousness.
  • Activate and align your energy channels to practice your creatorship energetically and intentionally to gracefully spread love and light for self and all towards global healing.

Corporate Wellness Program

At Soulfullivingllc we envision a more healthy, peaceful, composed individual, organizations, and the world as whole. Our Soulfullivingllc Corporate Wellness Program is based on the mind, body, and soul alignment of the employees, that transforms them as a highly conscious individual to be a better team and organizational unit. Through our program, participants learn to identify and shed off nonproductive old habits to bring about steady change and creativity from within.

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