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Nav Ratri- Nav Chandi Sadhna

What are Nav Ratri-Nav Chandi Meditations?

Traditionally every six months, an auspicious period of Nav Ratri’s nine days and nights is ideally focused on,

  • self-evaluation,
  • self-evolution,
  • self-reformation,
  • self-restoration,

eventually leading to self-triumph.

During this period, systematic ritualistic physical, mental, emotional, and intellectual purification through fasting, prayers, chanting, offerings, and unconditional services are performed.

This contributes to one’s health, healing, happiness, and holiness.

On a transcendental glance at Soulfulliving LLC, in nine days, Nav Chandi Nav Durga (the nine forms of goddess Parvati) is worshipped, meditated upon at nine levels of self-awareness are delved, grasped, and mastered through unique meditational practices.

Program Highlights

At Soulfulliving LLC, these auspicious nine days and nine nights of Navratri are celebrated as daily guided meditations dedicated to

  • renewal,
  • rebuilding, and
  • revitalization

of our inner strengths and abilities, mirroring and manifesting into outer realities.

The divinely channeled program abides on introspection, contemplation, concentrations, and expansions in multiple dimensions.

How Nav Ratri- Nav Chandi Meditations are done?

  • A set of nine unique meditations and deep messages received individually are exclusive segments of this program.
  • It may open nine dimensions respectively to prepare one to enter the tenth holy gate that opens towards the highest consciousness.
  •  Incorporating these divinely guided meditations may additionally benefit and inspire participants towards their higher Sadhana (spiritual practice).
  • Since the greater possibilities of our external accomplishments significantly depend on the internal realization of our potential and power, the Nav Chandi Nav Durga Meditations will demonstrate and strengthen one’s belief and confidence in this principle.

Therefore, I invite and encourage all to partake in yet another opportunity to completely connect with the divine within.

May Goddess bless all with the festivities of Nav Ratri, life, and beyond!

Benefits of Nav Ratri- Nav Chandi Meditations

Nav Chandi Nav Durga Beej Mantra Meditations are extremely powerful and extraordinary, that connect the seeker with various universal powers.

Participants of  Nav Chandi Nav Durga Mediations are blessed with

  • Vibrant health, peaceful mind, success, prosperity and bring positivity to the surroundings.
  • Eliminates bad energies and obstacles in life.
  • Nullifies the consequences of enemies and bad effects of inauspicious planets
  • Nav Chandi Nav Durga Meditations make difficult situations favorable. The sadness and pain of life go away.
  • Nav Chandi Nav Durga Meditations is a powerful remedy against difficulties and bad luck.
  • Upon completion of the Nav Chandi Nav Durga Meditations, a divine experience is attained.

Program Construct

At Soulfullivingllc, Nav Durga will be Meditated as in Nav Chandi forms. These Highly vibrational, Meditations are based on all 700 verses of Durga Saptashati.

The nine forms of the Goddess will be meditated upon Nav Chandi Nav Durga Sadhna using a highly vibrational beej mantra for all Nav Durga forms.

Nav Chandi Nav Durga Meditations can be performed during Navratri as its the most auspicious time. But can be performed daily.

The daily practice will be shared on the 9th day.

Nav Chandi Nav Durga meditations, the nine incarnations for which Nav Durga meditation is done are Shailputri, Brahmacharini, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skandamata, Katyayani, Kalratri, Mahagauri, and Siddhidatri

Awareness is centered and channeled towards higher consciousness for an elated and elevated progression to attain Spiritual Enlightenment.

Besides, an inner transformational journey transpires at multilevel from dormant potential to dynamic kinetics, gross carbonic physical body to subtle etheric and astral bodies, subtlest causal to the crystalline light super-causal body, emerging ample cathartic physiological, psychological, philosophical, relational, and monetary rewards. The event is divinely designed in light and on account of the aforementioned channeled narrative.

Chapter 1- Shailputri 
Chapter 2- Brahmacharni
Chapter 3- Chandraghanta
Chapter 4- Kushmanda
Chapter 5- Skandmata
Chapter 6- Katyayani
Chapter 7- Kaalratri
Chapter 8- Mahagauri
Chapter 9- Siddhidatri

Schedule & Time

Starting on 22nd March- 30th March 2023

Zoom link will be shared in the E-mail and Whatsapp group (Link is below)

May you participate, practice, and become proficient in your inner journey by participating in the program!

For USA:  9:30 PM – 10:30 PM EST
For India (Next day):  7:00 AM – 8:00 AM IST



Meditation and Recording

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