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Nine Step Healing Process

We passionately heal, sensitively care, delicately support, patiently guide, competently restore, skillfully prescribe, intently encourage, intensely inspire while compassionately focusing on the well-being of everyone in our vicinity. While adhering to the paramount healing process, we ensure perpetual health subsequently. 


The nine-step healing process includes:

  • Consultation (holding space to discuss the issue and to comprehend the root cause of the sickness or moodiness)
  • Diagnosis (communicating to disclose the examined underlying distress behind the overlying concern)
  • Counseling (empathetically providing viable solutions and resolutions within appropriate treatment protocol)
  • Detox (withholding judgment facilitating to eliminate physical, mental, and emotional toxins and patterns)
  • Energy Medicine (supervision to remove the blockages and restore cellular health)
  • Diet Therapy (directions for nutrition)
  • Yoga & Breathing Exercises (reestablishing flow of energy through all channels and meridians)
  • Meditation (guidance to connect with the Universal Source and Peace within)
  • Satsang (soothe and loving company of divine, truth, self, mother nature, and like-minded inspiring people)

The Healing process may typically range between the duration of one to thirty days; however, it might take longer subject to the type and grade of problem or type of service required or selected.

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