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Traditionally Ghee, which is also know as ‘clarified butter’ is made from organic butter that is churned from the cultured milk produced by grass-fed and pastured cows. The ancient natural healing system of India regards ‘Ghee’ as vital for health and beauty. Used as one of the key ingredients to detox during ‘Khichadi Cleanse’.

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‘KAZANA Ghee’ provides a nutritive fat in your diet. It is easily digestible and is used for internal oleation that helps extract and remove toxins. It can also be used in place of butter.

Our ‘KAZANA Ghee’ is preservative-free, casein-free, lactose-free, and salt-free, and has no trans-fat, no colors or dyes, or flavor enhancers.

How to Use Ghee?

 Kazana Organic Ghee can be used anywhere butter can be used.

Here are a multitude of ways you can incorporate ghee into your diet:

  • Use it as a healthy cooking oil for high-heat cooking like stir-frying, sautéing or roasting.
  • Spread it on your bread, crackers, muffins or other baked goods.
  • Substitute ghee in any recipe where you’d normally use butter (baking, mac and cheese, popcorn, sandwiches, gluten-free toast, etc.).
  • Melt it over steamed vegetables.
  • Add it to savory or sweet oatmeal/porridge, khichadi, or rice.
  • Boost flavor of grains by cooking them with some ghee.
  • Use ghee in natural beauty care recipes.
  • Blend a teaspoon of ghee into your tea, coffee.
  • Use melted ghee instead of butter to top popcorn
  • Eat it off the spoon!

Why use Ghee?

Not only does it taste good, but it’s good for you!

  • It’s organic, meaning no antibiotics, no synthetic hormones, no toxic pesticides, and no GMO.
  • Great butter substitute for those sensitive to lactose -as it is naturally free of milk solids like lactose & casein.
  • Contains a balance of easy to digest fatty acids essential for healthy skin, nerves, and cells.*
  • Aids in absorption of fat soluble vitamins and minerals from the food into the cells.*
  • Naturally sugar-free & gluten-free and shelf stable.
  • Great addition to any Paleo, Keto or Whole30® diet.

Ingredients: 100% Certified Organic Unsalted Butter (Milk)

Made in a facility that handles dairy, sesame and tree nuts.

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