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Fit In

The pleasing authoritative figure, from whom you want to get external validation or acceptance.

People are conflicted and do not speak their minds, for the fear of not being accepted.

They feel if they disagree then they may not be accepted by whom so ever they consider significant.

Compromise is another word that we have heard often, people remain quiet for the fear of confrontation.

Lack of courage and faith in self, as you don’t feel enough to take care of yourself.

Some important questions to make sure if you trying to ‘FIT IN’

Do you find it difficult saying no or setting boundaries?

Do you agree with people all the time just to prevent conflict?

Are you worried about what people think about you?

Do you struggle with self-confidence?

If you have answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above.

You know where you are hurting, people who work selflessness and lack self-care, are looked down upon. Do not be one of those.

Always go in the order of God, self, family, friends, universe.

Loads of love ❤️ and Light 💡 to all of you.

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