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Art of co-existence

Art of co-existence.

The talk should not have been related to only people in the family or community or religion or individual countries, but it should have been ingrained in each and every one of us that it involves floras (flowers and vegetation) and fauna’s ( animals) too .
Vedic Culture, introduced prayer ceremonies and depicted it in several ways . There are festivals to pray to trees, river, mountains and certain animals like cows, snakes . All our gods are seen with one or other animal like Bull, Peacock , Swan and even Mouse . I am sure other cultures might have something similar .
Again Ayurveda, having origin in Athravaveda, talks about 7 elements , earth, water, air, fire, space, guru(wisdom) and God( ultimate truth , origin the light ) and its association with the senses . For eg eyes corresponds to fire element, Smell is associated with earth etc.
It also talks about 5 bodies, that all of us have, Physical, Life force, Astral (mind), Causal(perception), Super-causal (soul).
With death we only loose first and second body, rest of 3 remains intact which becomes cause of our rebirth be it as human , tree or animals or being of in any other dimension.
I feel from deep within that this menace is going to change lives of many in umpteen possible ways, health , wealth , relationship might perish but in return universe will give us back those extinct flowers , herbs, birds , butterflies and animals back .
Amen !!!
Divya Madan

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