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Merkaba Full Course

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About Course

Merkaba is an attentively created divine light vehicle established on the light-body activation principle encompassing sacred geometry, mind, body, soul, and spirit complex.

Ever wondered or witnessed, how within a micro fraction of a second, even before an eye blinks, super-advanced technologies swift the superfast spaceships. Ancient scriptures endorse extremely speedy chariots that could glide with the power of thoughts or specialized mantras and chants. Such chariots teleported and chauffeured the riders or travelers as they intended, for instance, Pushpaka Vimana, a flying chariot of Ravana that he used to abduct Lord Rama’s wife Sita. Historians believe the spiritually advanced civilization of Atlantis was proficient in such intent-centered flying technology. Bible and Greek philosophies have related references of extraterrestrial beings visiting on flying wheels or machines.


In Jewish mysticism of Kabbalah, the Merkaba is indicated as the gold throne of God, and the same is explored as a celestial marvel and mechanism of spiritual aerodynamics. Similar sacred geometry, the Sriyantra, is honored and worshiped in Hindu tradition where two intersecting triangles epitomize a balanced, harmonious, and complete state of any three elements or components necessary for mundane life and for Enlightenment. As in SriYantra. the two triangles denote Tridev(trinity Gods, the three aspects of masculine energy) and Tridevis (trinity Goddesses, the three aspects of feminine energy), likewise, Merkaba’s two tetrahedrons depict masculine and feminine facets.

What is Merkaba?

Probably, after contemporary as well as ancient references, it will be simple to visualize and understand Merkaba, wherein, a sacred and sensible utilization of geometric shapes can be applied to contact with the Higher Consciousness or Universal Mind through the inner (third) eye during meditation. Consequently, Merkaba can be defined as an attentively and intentionally created divine light vehicle established on the light-body activation principle encompassing sacred geometry, mind, body, soul, and spirit complex.

Meaning of Merkaba

Merkaba is a spiritual vehicle for interdimensional travel, the phonetics clarifies the meaning encoded in the term itself.
Mer: light
Ka: spirit
Ba: body.

Structure of Merkaba

Around the body, two equal-sized intersecting and interlocked counter-rotating tetrahedrons (triangular pyramids) generate a 3-dimensional energy grid that can activate a fifth-dimensional light energy body that can be used for astral travel to higher dimensions. While directing the divine love at the heart center, a fire of passion and inner power gets generated which lights and makes way ahead. Through centrifugal force within the Merkaba periphery, the same creates an ever-expanding light field around the body in concurrence with the soul. One tetrahedron points upwards assumingly signifying masculine aspect, and the other tetrahedron points downwards signifying the feminine aspect of the cosmos, channeling or drawing energy from the center of the Universe and energy from the center of the Earth respectively, whereas continuous spinning of both tetrahedrons balances the two energies.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Balance and Stability
  • Ascension Vehicle
  • Duality to Unity
  • Harmony
  • Healing Place
  • Integration Base
  • Protection
  • Awakening and Realization
  • Levitation
  • Teleportation

Course Content

Merkaba Full Course: Module-1
An Introduction


Merkaba Full Course:Module-2
A Journey From Finite to Infinite

Merkaba Full Course:Module-3
Restore the Energy Flow

Merkaba Full Course:Module-4
The Meaning and Secret of Merkaba

Merkaba Full Course:Module-5
Connecting with your Animal Spirit in Highest Dimension

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