New Moon Manifesting Call

Starting on 1st Feb 2022

Money Chakra Activation

Starting on 5th-12th Feb 2022

Full Moon – Pot of Gold Meditation

Starting on 16th feb2022

Advance Money Chakra Meditation (Level-2)

Starting on 5th-12th March 2022

Self Hypnosis Online Workshop

Starting on 19th-26th March 2022

Yog Vashishtha Katha & Meditation

Starting on 26th March-2nd April 2022

Advance Money Chakra Meditation (Level-3)

Starting on 2nd-9th April 2022

Pranic Healing

Starting on 13th May 2022

42 Days Immersion Program to Emerge a Radiant True Divine Self

Starting on 4th June-16th July 2022

Reiki Learn Online

Starting on 21st-31st March 2022


Starting on 12th August 2022

Vedanta Meditation

Starting on 2nd Feb 2022


Starting on 2nd March 2022

22222 Portal: The DNA Activation Program

Starting on 20th Feb 2022

Manifest Divine Love

Starting on 14th Feb 2022

Shiv Manas Puja Meditation

Starting on 1st March 2022
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