Yog Vashishtha Course Level-1

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About Course

Yoga Vashishtha is a metaphysical and philosophical ancient sanctified scripture based on Guru Vashishtha’s influential teachings in form of a sacred dialogue between the enlightened scholar Guru who knew the ultimate pinnacle of truth and the competent disciple who was destined and entitled to know the same ultimate truth. The scripture illustrates the inner spiritual journey of dejected Prince Rama, whom Guru Vashishtha illuminated with the Supreme Knowledge and Supreme Consciousness. While deciphering the non-dual Reality beyond all meta mental illusions, Guru instilled and cultivated in Prince Rama, the true significance and right objective of life. The knowledge through which Prince Rama becomes ever-revered, ever-loved enlightened King Lord Rama is ever-here, as the Truth is ever-true, the Guru is ever-present, for the seeker who is ever-enquiring, ever-deserving, and ever-ready.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Beyond forms and names, well-learned & well-heard Guru Vashishtha, the seeker prince Rama, and the Enlightened Lord Rama are in fact the levels of consciousness. Since this scripture primarily encompasses the dialogue between Guru Vashishtha and prince Rama, their discussion holds true, right, empirical, and notable for every spiritual aspirant, beyond time, space, and dimensions, as the melancholy, dispassion, queries, and objective of all the seekers remain same as that of seeker prince Rama. Through mystical conversation between the Guru and disciple, a set of successive instructions are exhibited, and thus, gets passed on to the spiritually inclined and ready seeker. In form of tales, an array of teachings is illustrated and granted to the seeker. For the true striver, the true:
  • Philosophy of Advaita(Non-Dualism) is unfolded.
  • The creation of the world is scholarly described.
  • Profound nature of the soul is realized.
  • Perceptional experience as mortals is explained.
  • Existence of the Multiverse (multiple universes) is expounded.
  • Genuine significance of life is established.
  • Divine Universal laws are defined.
  • Right mindset and mindfulness while living in the world are achieved.
  • Psychological conditioning is eliminated while undergoing philosophical depths.
  • Spiritual Enlightenment is preceded.
  • Ultimate liberation of the human soul is explicated.

Course Content

DAY 1 – 2 | Fundamentals of Chakra Meditation
All Human beings need to be awakened towards reaching an enlightened state. Many thousands are kick-starting their spiritual journey on different platforms, Soulfullivingllc.com is pioneering the easiest path, by getting the wisdom first.For thousands of years, keeping the chakras in balance has been linked to maintaining mental and physical wellbeing. And through chakra meditation, you can improve the balance of your key chakras and bring your health and mental attitude into a more peaceful state

  • How to Activate our Chakras
  • Basic Chakra & Grounding Meditation
  • Chakras Sadhana
  • Human Chakras and Koshas

DAY 3 – 5 | Vairagya Prakarana (dispassion or indifference)
Lord Rama’s frustration, dispassion, and indifference with the nature of life, human sufferings.

DAY 6 – 8 | Mumukshu Prakarana (longing for liberation)
Lord Rama’s desire and longing for liberation and the nature of those who seek such liberation.

DAY 9 – 11 | Utpatti Prakarana (creation or origin)
Cosmology and metaphysical theories of origin and existence embedded in stories.

DAY 12 – 14 | Sthiti Prakarana (preservation or existence)
Emphasizing and practicing free will as human creative power.

DAY 15 – 17 | Upasanti Prakarana (dissolution or quiescence)
The quiescence of mind, Meditation, and its powers in liberating the individual. Liberation through a spiritual life that requires self-effort.

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