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Modern Medicine Vs Ancient Wisdom

My son asked me, mom, when I take Tylenol or paracetamol, I definitely know my fever or pain will reduce.

You do cosmic healing and Meditation, you have lots of miraculous recoveries under your belt, but is it repeatable?

That stuck with me, that I have to make this Ancient Wisdom, as predictable as possible. Lots of research and data is available that Cosmic Healing, (say Reiki, Pranic, etc ) and Meditations can help in recovery.

The mind has many layers, perceptions, patterns that are formed in many lifetimes. Astral plain or Akashic plain is my area of work.

Again Tylenol, paracetamol, western medicine, are meant for suppressing symptoms in the physical body not eliminating the root cause of the manifestation. Of course, clearing physical pain is important too.

So it’s about comparing apples to Oranges, but still, both of them fall under the fruit category.

Western medicine is making progress, the ancient wisdom also needs a new approach.

Art is qualitative but Math is quantitative. It’s beyond perception. Wherever you go in the world, 2+2 will be 4.

I have taught many different geometric meditations, Science behind, Tantra, Yantra ( geometrical structures), and Mantra practice. Each and every meditation had a unique script and is constantly evolving.

Connecting with Your superconscious state while clearing your Subconscious pattern is the goal of currently running Merkahbah and all the other group meditation workshops.

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