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5 things you can do to alleviate sorrow?

1. Understand ignorance is the cause of fear.

Fear of not being enough, failure, judgment, rejection, etc emanates from the fear of the unknown.

Fear Can create, uncertainty, conflict, egoistic behavior, sadness, jealousy, depression.

2. Open yourself to the universe

The more you expand and open yourself for your needs, the vulnerability and dependency on your close family, friendly coworkers, and manager is reduced and New energies make their way. Making your life with your family, friends and at work a much more pleasurable experience.

3. Prioritize yourself.

Understand that self-care, is the topmost priority,

physically healthy body, emotional well being financial abundance, and intellectual well-being are all very important.

4. Live life, every moment.

it’s not that you have one life, it’s you have only this moment, once gone, it’s not going to be found ever.

5. Keep learning new tools and techniques of evolution.

Mind is very powerful and has many layers, dissolving lower karmas, which can only change the pattern. Getting better and better every day is not possible until you evolve your consciousness.

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